There was no press release for the album, I think the Rockstar gang thought it did not need it and they are right.  This all killer no filler 10″ album collect the best of one of the best and comes with a free 29 track CD.  Absolute amazing Rockabilly / Rock n Roll from Banny and Big John.


Info on the CD

Rockstar Records present a twenty-nine song CD album entitled Benny Joy, Little Red Book with recordings from the years 1957 to 1963. There are two recordings which are dually credited to Benny Joy and “Big” John Taylor, and one solo “Big”John Taylor release. Their initial recording from the year 1957 “Hey” . . . High School Baby! b/w Spin The Bottle were released using only Benny Joy’s name, and they were recorded for the Haines City, Florida based Tri-Dec label. The CD album includes the Dixie version of Spin The Bottle which was the undubbed master leased to Shelby Singleton who added his name to the writing credits. Featured within the album are several high profile artists and numerous songs are reissued for the first time on this CD album. Artists taking advantage from Benny Joy’s song writing skills include; Marty Robbins, A Time And A Place For Everything, Sonny Hines,Teardrop Avenue, Give Me Back My Heart, and Follow Your Heart, Darrell McCall,(What’ll I Do) Call The Zoo, Carl Smith,If I Had You (I’d Live For You Only), Ray Smith, Hey, Boss Man (Twist), Charlie Rich, She Loved Everybody But Me, and several others, many of whom did something Benny Joy failed to achieve, they sold vast quantities of their recordings. Benjamin Joy Eidson was born on the 5th November 1935, in Atlanta, Georgia and his guitarist side-kick John Wilkie Taylor Sr., aka “Big” John Taylor was born on 5th January 1937. They both studied at different schools and during their school years they befriended each other and began performing together. Of interest Taylor was the guitarist for Rod Willis’s The Cat b/w Will Travel. Benny Joy passed away on Friday 28th October 1988 aged fifty-two. John Wilkie Taylor Sr., passed away on Thursday 13th April 1995 aged fifty-eight. They were both victims of cancer. The sleeve notes will provide information on the other artists featured on the album. The Benny Joy story sleeve notes from reissue producer Dee Jay Mark Armstrong are informative, enlightening, and provide information on the other artists featured on the album. The album is topped off with the best possible sound quality possible from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The concept is lavishly decorated by design artist Dayvk Martins, and the sleeve is made from top-quality eco-friendly cardboard specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. Rockstar Records endeavours to use some lesser-known and for some, perhaps more obscure titles and adds something unexpected to every album. The album is ideal for Dee Jays to fill the dance floor with, and for home listening or while cruising around and scaring the neighbourhood. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Rockstar Records “Often imitated, never duplicated.” All that remains is to say, “Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.” Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany


01 Benny Joy “Hey” . . . High School Baby! (Eidson) Tri-Dec 8667 (1957)

02   Benny Joy Spin The Bottle (Eidson) Tri-Dec 8667 (1957)

03      Benny Joy Steady With Betty (Eidson, Singleton ) Dixie 45-2001 (1958)

04 Benny Joy Little Red Book (Eidson) Antler DJ-41X45 (1958)

05 Benny Joy Crash The Party (Eidson, Taylor) Antler DJ-41X45 (1958)


01 (Benny Joy and Big John Taylor Ittie Bittie Everything Taylor, Eidson) Buck Ram Presents BRP 1000 (1959)

02 Benny Joy and Big John Taylor Money, Money (Taylor) Buck Ram Presents BRP 1000 (1959)

03 Benny Joy New York – Hey Hey (Eidson) Decca 31199 (1961)

04 Benny Joy Somebody Else’s Heartache (Montgomery) Dot 45-16445 (1963)

05 Darrell McCall (What’ll I Do) Call The Zoo (Joy) Capitol 4609 (1961)


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