Side 1
Dames, Booze, Chains And Boots
Two Headed Sex Change
Blow Up Your Mind
Hard Workin’ Man
Miniskirt Blues
Alligator Stomp

Side 2
I Wanna Get In Your Pants
Bend Over, I’ll Drive
Don’t Get Funny With Me
Eyeball In My Martini
Hipsville 29 BC
The Strangeness In Me (When I Get The Blues)

Dames, booze, chains, boots, two heads, sex change, and that’s just the first two little numbers. Slip outa something clinging, and let Lux Interior and lggy Pop tell you all about their mini skirt blues…. but who’s wearin’ it? Later that same evening there was little doubt left about the dress sense- “but Mister Interior what do you mean you wanna get in my pants???” – she panted!!! Hardworkin’ woman Poison Ivy wiggles, wobbles and shouts out, screamin’ with the sound of female rockin’ & rollin’ guitar, plastering great swathes of reverberation all over the place. The strangeness in the Cramps. No head???? – hey don’t get funny with me punk!!!

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Format: Vinyl Album

All music: Garage Punk / Frat Modern Rockin' bands Rockabilly / Rock N Roll

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