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At last a vinyl release of the classic 2000 CD only classic release from The Planet Rockers.

The Planet Rockers exploded into the world’s consciousness with there 1991 debut “Coming in Person” and followed that up with “Invasion of The Planet Rockers” the next year. This album was released eight years later and retains all the power and energy of the first two.

Planet Rockers lynch pins Sonny George and Eddie Angel (Vocals and Guitar) recorded this album at the fabulous Toe Rag Studio in London with balance boss Liam Watson at the desk. The rock solid rhythm section is made up of Matt Radford and Brian Nevill and guests Mr Pan and Tjarko Jeen put in stellar guest appearances.

Finally the music… it is great… real Tennessee Rock n Roll, the realest of the real thing. This music flows through Sonny and Eddie from a primal well. A mixture of covers and original tracks where you cannot tell which is which and where covers can even surpass the original. The CD original is a collectors item and this limited press album is destined to be the same.

Side One
One More drink
Best Dressed Beggaar (In Town)
Like A Rollin’ Stone
Rockin’ Mama
Down and Out
No More Crying The Blues

Side two
Caffeine Nicotine & Alcohol
Don’t Know What you Don’t Understand
Ain’t Nobody Gonna Take My Place
Treadin’ Water
Down the Line
Hillbilly Beatnik
Run Don’t Walk
Gotta Travel On

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Format: Vinyl Album