This is a great choice of killer black Rock n Roll from the Golden Age of American music. So many similar projects were devoted through the years to white artists and very little to those that originated this music and played it long before. Some tunes on Boss Black Rockers are well-known and some are pretty obscure. Most of the artists in this series were actually household names in the Rock n Roll world of the 50’s and early 60’s.

Side 1
1. Emmet Davis – How About It Baby
2. Wild Child Gipson – Uncle John
3. Larry Birdsong – I’m Pleading Just For You
4. Bobby Hendricks – Cast Your Vote
5. The Searchers – Wow Wow Baby
6. Sugar Boy Crawford – Round and Round
7. Artie Wilson – Jerry Jerry

Side 2
1. Angel Face – I Know
2. The Monitors – Rock n Roll Fever
3. Bobby Mitchell – I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
4. The Paragons – Hey Little School Girl
5. Paul Kirk – Ready Little Steady
6. Otis Redding – Hey Hey Baby
7. Joe Jones – California Sun

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