Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Koko Mojo is the fourth Southern Bred exploration into the music from Louisiana and the Crescent City, New Orleans and the artists and newly introduced performers are intermixed throughout the series to make a more diverse assortment of sound and artist. Unquestionably the aural feeling of this album is varied, full of hot recordings and offers an eclectic assortment of recordings. Most importantly due to the time frame of the recordings the sound and style for some artist may have changed, no matter what the songs are “A” grade performances. As always, the sequence of artists and styles sit comfortably side by side and this album focuses on Rhythm & Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll and up-tempo Blues music. The wealth of recorded material is amazing, and the Southern Bred artists are; Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, the adaptable Tommy Ridgely who this time is featured from his formative years, vocalist Elmore Nixon appears with Henry Hayes and His Orchestra, Willie Egan, Long John, Clarence Samuels and Charles Williams. Keeping the “gumbo” hot are, Rudy Green, Champion Jack Dupree, Roy ”Baldhead” Byrd, old-time Blues artist Jessie Thomas who updates his style and Little Eddie has changed identity and became the frantic rocker persona of Eddie Lang. The sound on Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance is enriched by the inclusion of; Jump Blues and Zydeco rockers from, Clifton Chenier, Classie Ballou and Little Walter who attempt to attract a younger following from his song title Teenage Beat. Hitmakers a-plenty adorn the album and the lesser-known and equally as good “none-hit” performers also offer “A” grade recordings. Huey Smith with His Rhythm Aces, Bobby Mitchell with his group The Toppers, Richard Berry, Lennie LaCour, Lloyd Price and His Band who give the album its title. From his pre-soul music years Doo Wop rocker Donnie Elbert has caught the stroll feeling, and Johnny Adams and Linda Hopkins round off the hit making assortment with their own inimitable sound.

01 Calvin Spears Doing The Rock And Roll (Tyler) 02:41 Vin 1960

02 Rudy Green Meet Me Baby (Green) 02:06 Chance Records 1954

03 Henry Hayes Orch. & Elmore Nixon Forgive Me Baby (Hayes) 02:19 Savoy 1953

04 Willie Egan & Orch. I Can’t Understand It (Darnell) 01:51 Vita 1954

05 Roy ”Baldhead” Byrd Rockin’ With Fes (Byrd) 02:03 Federal 1952

06 Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown Baby Take It Easy (Brown, Robey) 02:42 Peacock 1952

07 Long John & Orch. She Used To Be My Woman (Hunter) 02:24 Duke 1954

08 Earl King Everybody’s Carried Away (King) 02:13 Ace 1959

09 Huey Smith & His Rhythm Aces Little Liza Jane (Smith) 02:11 Ace 1956

10 Richard Berry In A Real Big Way (Robinson, Berry) 02:17 K&G 1961

11 Clifton Chenier The Big Wheel (Chenier) 02:50 Argo 1957

12 Bobby Mitchell & The Toppers 4 X 11=44 (Bellaire) 02:11 Imperial 1954

13 Clarence W. Samuels The Blazer’s Slippity (Samuels) 02:30 Sharon 1963

14 Lennie LaCour ?Rockin’ Rosalie (LaCour, Fraley) 02:19 Academy 1957

15 Lloyd Price Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance (Marascalco, Price) 02:16 Specialty 1956

16 Rudy Green My Mumblin’ Baby (Green) 02:20 Excello 1956

17 Donnie Elbert Let’s Do The Stroll (Elbert, Mendelsohn,Toombs) 02:09 Deluxe 1956

18 Linda Hopkins My Loving Baby (Turner, Toombs, Glover) 02:48 Federal 1956

19 Johnny Adams With The Gondoliers Come On (David, Rebennack, Ruffino) 02:04 Ric 1959

20 Donnie Elbert Believe It Or Not (Owens) 02:03 Deluxe 1957

21 Jessie Thomas Cool Kind Lover (Thomas) 02:03 Hollywood 1956

22 Clarence Samuels Got No Place To Call My Own (Samuels) 02:26 Excello 1956

23 Champion Jack Dupree Deacon’s Party (Dupree) 02:42 Apollo 1951

24 Little Walter Teenage Beat (Jacobs) 02:57 Checker 1956

25 Eddie Lang Easy Rockin’ (Lang, Ruffino) 02:37 Ron 1959

26 Charles Williams So Glad You’re Mine (Williams) 02:13 Checker 1956

27 Classie Ballou And His Tempo Kings Orch. D-I-R-T-Y D-E-A-L (Ballou) 02:45 Goldband 1956

28 Linda Hopkins Shiver And Shake (Scott) 02:27 Atco 1957

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