Covering a Jerry Lee track? Are you mad? well in this case yep, Tony Garo sounds totally mad, in the best wild crazy Rock n Roll mad way.  Tony really yells his way through the song growling and screaming for all his might and the guitarist, after a short but magnificent break provides a simple but  relentless backing along with bass and drums.  There is no piano making this seem like a whole new song.

Covering a Jerry Lee track? Are you mad? well in this case no, as in no I’m not covering a Jerry Lee track.  This is a totally different song created by Mr Phillips alone.  This primitive Rockabilly stomper is another piano free zone and not a Jerry Lee cover so I really should stop talking about him.  Instead of piano again we are treated to wild guitar and this time we get three super breaks to accompany Don’s raw rockin’ vocals and it really doesn’t need any more to be the sort of bop slop we expect from Wax Nerd.

As with all Wax nerd issues real effort and time has been spent making sure the tracks jump out of the speakers as loud and bright as can be.  The time sort of care is put into the presentation with full colour sleeve pictures and notes but some may think the lengthy the Don Phillips story is a bit overkill.

Limited and all that so don’t snooze and lose.

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Format: Vinyl

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