No less than five vampire songs!!! Indeed, Dracula’s the diva of this third and latest Monster-O-Rama compilation. But our pointy-toothed fiend is also joined by his friend the Abominable Snowman, not to mention zombies, werewolves and even cavemen, for one hell of a bestiary. Flittering from the funny to the ghastly, with tricks, treats and even a ghost train, El Vidocq once again releases his melodious papermâché monsters. There’s The Cramps crooning for an Ed Wood flick and Nino Ferrer on a hip and hypnotic journey à la Georges Méliès, with Rockabilly, Surf, Novelty, Rock, Cha-cha-cha… Look no further for your Halloween playlist. With lyrics in English and Spanish, a Mexican monstrosity and even two spinetingling French tunes (oh la la): Monsters of the world, unite! And the icing on the crypt: Alexandre Clerisse’s superb cover illustration, sure to delight even the most tasteless ghouls.

This vinyl LP comes with free CD copy of the album.

A1       The Jayhawks (2)–      The Creature (From Outer Space)

A2       The Turbans–  The Lament Of Silver Gulch

A3       Los Polivoces–            Los Fantasmas

A4       Jo Alan–          Le Vampire

A5       Randy Luck–  I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man

A6       Henri Salvador–          Dracula Cha Cha Cha

A7       Terry Teen–     Curse Of The Hearse

A8       Art Roberts (2)–          Terrible Ivan


B1       Andrés Pajares–          Dracula Ye-Ye

B2       Wolfman Jack –           Strange

B3       Billy DeMarco & Count Dracula–      Drac’s Bac

B4       Steve Barry (10)–        The Nightmare

B5       The Johnson Brothers (3)–      Zombie Lou

B6       The Copycats Featuring Kimo & Sabbe–       The Abominable Snow Man

B7       The Wolf Pack (4)–     The Baddest Wolf

B8       Mann Drake–  Vampire’s Ball


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