Tales from the Vinyl Wasteland series returns. I’ll drink to that. Appropriately as the theme of this album is booze, in particular Moonshine, White Lightning, Mountain Dew and Bootleg. (You all know that the term bootleg for a fake originates with moonshine? Supposedly because people would keep the bottles in the tops of their boots.)

As usual with these fine comps most of the tracks are totally new to the vast majority of us with a lot of them previously un reissued.  But it does include an old Sounds That Swing favourite – Dixie Dixon – I Love Her Still – a straight forward love song or is he only interested in her brewing talent.  However I am sure that a lot of tracks we are hearing for the first time will be favourites in the future.

This series is musically great and comes with some of the best packaging around. Gatefold sleeve, great art work, thoroughly researched liner notes, labels shots and a short story.  Fantastic.

As always with this series a one off limited press so get in quick.


Side 1

Little Montie Jones – Moonshine

Lum Hatcher – White Lightning ‘N Excess

Keith Daniels – White Lightning

Bill Long – What A Waste (Of Good Corn Likker)

Harley Gabbard – Uncle Bill’s Still

Dicky Dixon – I Love Her Still

Dick Price – Grandpappy And The Revenue

Bill Goodwin – Revenuer Man

Side 2

Jack Holt – Moonshine Still

Cecil Moore – Moonshine

Whitey Pullen – Moonshine

Johnny Acton – Snuffy Smith (Where You Goin’)

Al Ricks – I’m A Moonshiner

Gene Tyndall – Moonshine And Flashing Redlights

Bob Fry – Still On Onion Hill




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