SWEET EBONY by Royston Ellis! Britain’s original beat author, the inspiration for the Beatles’ Paperback Writer, resurfaced last year with Kicks Books’ GONE MAN SQUARED, after going MIA for five decades. Now, he’s back in action, taking the publishing world by storm with SWEET EBONY, the first of TWELVE titles for Kicks Books- with a new book due each month for the next twelve months! SWEET EBONY charts new genre-warping terrain as four free-thinking women from California travel to Kenya on a safari in search of the “F’ word- fulfillment of their wildest desires. Ellis writes with shrewd insight into four disparate personalities coping with the clash of cultures at the end of the 1970’s. Come along for a wild ride with the man the Beatles called “Paperback Writer”, who Jimmy Page backed as a young stringbuster, and who Time Out declared one of London’s all-time Top Teenage Rebels! Kicks Books Blue– for those who wish turn up the heat! 320 pages. New book size 5.25 x 8

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