Dorsey Burnette has been unfairly overshadowed by his brother Johnny in the history of Rock n Roll but (as I think everyone reading this will know) they really were equals in one of the greatest Rockabilly groups ever, The Rock n Roll Trio.  But as with so many brothers they fought and Dorsey left the group.  Within weeks Dorsey was in the famed Sun recording studio laying down some tracks for Fabor Robinson. These have never been found but, man, just imagine Dorsey at 706 Union Ave in 1956.  He must have impressed Fabor as he was soon in his studio in California to record four tracks, including the two here.  Released in 1956 the top side has been popular in clubs for many years and been covered by a number of modern artists. We hear Dorsey at the upper end of his range singing over a great almost acoustic backing that still manages to create a really strong jive tempo sound.  The flip side is a totally different affair the it is still close to acoustic but this time we get a slower song that to my mond suits Dorsey’s voice better.  The mention of the Devil in the title may clue you in to expect the lonesome sound that so many people are going for now.  A super haunting track that is rightly made available on the Lonesome Blue Sound label which is  a real labour of love and so you know you will be getting the best possible sound and presentation.  Luckily for every rock n roll fan Dorsey and Johnny soon made up and were soon writing great songs together before Johnny became a huge star singing popular but awful pop music.  Luckily great tracks like this one were are still around to remind of how good both brothers were.

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