Below is the press release but my own two peneth –  A fantastic album that may be called Rhythm and Blues or maybe called Rock n Roll or maybe called a whole lot of other things.  It really does not matter and face to face I will merrily discuss the semantics of genre but it is too complicated to spend time on in writing.

A lot of the tracks on this album are also available on repro 45 right here.

Vinyl on 180g.  Strictly limited to 500 copies!

For Dancer Only is the legendary club night of Bill Kealey, the hard-drinking, energetic collector and hunter from Dublin. Almost every weekend he is out and about with his 7″ vinyl case and makes the crowds happy. Since he’s been doing it for a few decades, he belongs to the absolute Champions League of those who deal with Rhythm & Blues of the 50s and all its varieties. This is his first compilation and we claim it’s one of the best Stag-O-Lee has ever released.

Liner Notes:
“For Dancers Only was formed in 2004 because at that time in Ireland there wasn’t even one club where we could go and listen or dance to rhythm and blues records. In the past 18 years we’ve grown from a local club in our hometown of Wexford to a truly international one in Dublin We’ve been lucky enough to have had some of the finest dj’s/collectors in the world come and play for us and the support from our clientele from all over the world is beyond humbling. This lp represents the kind of music you might expect to hear if you ever venture down the basement in Thomas House, Dublin for one of our club nights. It also keeps alive the legacy of these great artists and musicians who cannot ever be forgotten.”

Track listing:
Side One
1. Mercy Baby – Pleadin’
2. Willie Nix – Just Can’t Stay
3. Schoolboy Cleve – She’s Gone
4. Willie Egans – Wear Your Black Dress
5. Lightnin’ Hopkins And Ruth (Blues) Ames – Finally Met My Baby
6. Otis Spann – It Must Have Been The Devil
7 John Lee – Rhythm Rockin’ Boogie
8 Little Hudson – Im Looking For A Woman
Side Two
1 Donnie Williams – Boogie Chilluns Playhouse
2 Ervin Rucker – So Good
3 Lonesome Lee – Lonely Travelin
4 Willie J .Charles – Feelin’ Kind A Lonesome
5. Eddie King – Love You Baby
6. Jimmie Raney & Slim Slaughter – You Drink Too Much Booze
7. Gladys Tyler – Pack Up
8. Harmonica ‘Blues King’ Garris – Blues King Mango

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