Just look at the names on here, the cream of the crop. Yeehaaw is a German rock n roll magazine that since 2011 has explored  current rock n roll music.   This CD uses the magazine as a jumping off place to present Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Rhythm n Blues and Doo Wop from all over the Rock n Roll world.

01        My Baby Rocks          Calypso, Jake

02        Baby I Don’t Care       Ruby Ann

03        Hot Rocking Baby      Rocka, Dale

04        My Baby Only Wants To Rock          Carrera, Nelson

05        Brunette To Blonde    Mystery Trio

06        Sweet Lovin’   King D

07        Oh Yeah!        Mississippi Queen

08        Stop!   Wilshire, Doug

09        Silent Love      Phillips, Lew

10        I’ll Find A New Love Cherry Casino & The Gamblers

11        Not Too Old   Lil Mo & The Dynaflos

12        45 Men In A Telephone Booth           Inteli-Gents

13        Careful Baby   Billy & The Two-Tones

14        She Rocked My World           Rich, Randy

15        Pretty One       Ballroom Kings

16        Bip Bop Baby Bradley, Mario

17        Fire Below      Lucky Bullets

18        Don’t Know Much      ReChords

19        Before I’m Gone         Star Shooters

20        Real Rockin’ Baby      Marc & The Wild Ones

21        Rock You Baby          B & The Bops

22        Rockin’ After Midnight          Allen, Ray

23        Day By Day    Faulkner, Jamie

24        Hardtop Race  Penny, Mike


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