Side 1

The Neutrons – Sorrow At Sunset

Dennis Roberts – Blue Carnation

Sleepy La Beef – Lonely

Chance Halladay – Deep Sleep

Bruce Turner – The Ideal Girl

Johnnie Strickland – I’ve Heard That Line Before

Cheryl Thompson – Black Night

Carl Cherry – Baby Doll

Gary Smith – Twilight Zone

Side 2

Del Swade – Lonely Man

Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs – Dark Side Of The Moon

Dianne Renner – Quicksand

Al Hartley – Ev’ry Little Teardrop

Johnny Williams – Another Love

The Distincts – Runnin Wild For You

Andy Lauren – Louisville At Night

Dean Carr – I Was A Fool

Hasil Adkins – She’s Gone


If you want to know what this series is all about just think of the awesome Jody Reynolds track it is named after. You thought that was a one of?  Nope there were lots of people recording tracks like that. But what do you call it? Heartbreak Rockabilly, Lonesome Sound Country, Teener Death?  I guess the most used term now is probably Popcorn.

Some of these tracks are probably languishing uncared for in your collection, Sleepy La Beef Lonely is a great overlooked tune and Carl Cherry’s Baby Doll is the flip of the wild Rockabilly classic The Itch. Other tracks are new to us but equally great.

This is a one off limited press and the first issue disappeared fast so jump in or miss out.

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