Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-176) Songwriter album Thrill-La-Dill looked at Kirkland’s skill with the pen. The second study of his involvement in the music business is heard on Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-179) Spotlight on Leroy Kirkland, Good Gracious, and the album looks at his behind-the-scenes work in the 1950s. The album is programmed year by year from years 1954 through to 1958, and the music is predominantly performed by Negro artists, with only three Caucasian artists appearing on the disc. Leroy Kirkland for twenty-seven of the songs led the orchestra and arranged the session, he makes one appearance as a named performer, and one included song is a Kirkland co-write. Where known the session details are within the album sleeve.

01 Chuck Willis I Feel So Bad (Willis) Okeh 1954

02 The Barons My Baby’s Gone (Harrison) Decca 1954

03 George Benson It Should Have Been Me #2 (Curtis) 1954

04 Wilbert Harrison Don’t Drop It (Fell) Savoy 1954

05 Varetta Dillard Promise Mr Thomas (McCoy, Singleton, Mendelsohn) Savoy 1955

06 The Dreams My Little Honeybun (Pressbery) Savoy 1955

07 The Carnations Night Time Is The Right Time (Van Dyke) Savoy 1955

08 The Roamers Chop Chop Ching A Ling (Taylor, Mendelsohn) Savoy 1955

09 Barbie Gaye My Boy Lollypop (Spencer, Roberts) Darl 1956

10 Jaycee Hill Bump! (Otis, Kirkland) Epic 1956

11 Dave Burton Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby (Cash) RCA Victor 1956

12 Little David You’ll Pay (Baugham) Savoy 1956

13 Hurricane Harry Last Meal (Hammer) Okeh 1956

14 Nappy Brown Pleasing You (Mendelsohn, Winley) Savoy 1956

15 The Keystones The Magic Kiss (Smith, Gillespie) Epic 1956

16 The Schoolboys Mary (Redd, Murray) Okeh 1957

17 Lloyd “Fatman” Miss Mushmouth (Smith) Okeh 1957

18 Lloyd “Fatman” Good Gracious (Otis, Hunter) Okeh 1957

19 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Frenzy (Hill, Stevenson) Okeh 1957

20 Little Terry Shake Me Up Baby (Terry, Cadena) Savoy 1957

21 The Fi-Dells No Other Love (Like Yours) (King) Warner 1957

22 Larry Hart A Looka-A Looka (Cooley, Otis) Okeh 1957

23 Leroy Kirkland’s Rock-Chas The Walk (McCracklan, Garlic) RCA Victor EP 1958

24 Big Bee Kornegay The Fiesta Rock ‘n’ Roll (Maxwell) Go 1958

25 Eddie Singleton and The Chromatics Kiss-A-Kiss, Hug-A-Hug (McGhee, Paterno) Amso 1958

26 Clyde Stacy Baby Shame (Littlefield) Bullseye 1958

27 Billy Lamont Tom Cat (Hammer) Candelo 1958

28 Rose Marie McCoy Joy And Jubilation (McCoy, Lee) 1958

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