On this tenth volume in the “By The Bayou” series, the third to focus on R&B, we have 28 tracks from the vaults of J.D. Miller’s Crowley studio, Eddie Shuler’s Goldband facility, Floyd Soileau’s Rod label, Sam Montel’s Montel label and Golen Richard’s Richland imprint, all from South Louisiana.

The majority of the material comes from that goldmine on North Parkerson Ave in Crowley, where the music store founded by J.D. Miller is now operated by his youngest son Mark. The ceilings and walls are hung with guitars and the floor space is taken up with amplifiers and speakers. The counters and stands are festooned with guitar strings, picks, cords, cables, plugs and all manner of paraphernalia for the professional musician. In one corner is a dwindling number of CDs, which are difficult for a small-town store to sell in competition with outlets such as Amazon, even if much of the material was recorded right here. Behind the store area, hidden from view, is a large working studio where Mark, a bass player, sound engineer and producer record local talent. Most important to us is another part of the building – the tape store, whereAlec Palaoand I have sifted through the reels, and Alec has transferred close on 3,000 tracks, including 22 of the titles on this CD, eight of which are previously unissued.

The majority of the featured artists have appeared on previous volumes in the series. No apologies for that. Who wouldn’t want more of Lester Robertson, Leroy Washington, Mad Dog Sheffield, Carol Fran, Clifton Chenier, Katie Webster, Wonder Boy Travis, Guitar Gable, Clarence Garlow or Lazy Lester etc, backed up by new additions Eddie Williams, Frank Simien and Anna Mae Rogers? The resultant CD is aimed at giving R&B fans 28 blasts of rompin’, stompin’ music, with songs about mad dogs, sweet daddies and pretty babies to set their feet a-tappin’.

Ian Saddler


01 Papa Lou And Gran – Little Victor & His Orchestra

02 Hoo Wee, Sweet Daddy – Katie Webster

03 I’d Love To Tell – Tabby Thomas

04 Pretty Woman (Take It Home To Grandma) – Lester Robertson

05 Long Way From Home – Guitar Gable

06 I Called You Up Daddy – Anna Mae Rogers

07 I Got Fever (Wicked Fever) – Mad Dog Sheffield

08 Knock Knock – Carol Fran

09 Sally Lou – Leroy Washington

10 Rooty Tooty – Lionel Torrence

11 A Merry Christmas – Sad Leroy White

12 You Know Yeah – Wonder Boy Travis

13 Tell Me Pretty Baby – Lazy Lester

14 Hey Ma Ma – Clifton Chenier

15 Ain’t Nothing Shakin’ (But Leaves On The Tree) – Eddie Williams

16 Mad Dog – Mad Dog Sheffield

17 Mary Lou – King Karl & Guitar Gable

18 Hoo Wee Pretty Baby – Lester Robertson

19 One More Chance – Carol Fran

20 Don’t Let Me Down – Frank Simien

21 Hello Baby, What You Know – Leroy Washington

22 I Want You To Love Me – Katie Webster & Ashton Conroy

23 Hey Mr Love – Katie Webster & Bobby Jay

24 PI Need Your Love – Jimmy Dotson

25 When It Rains It Really Pours – Charles Morris

26 Baby Please Come Home – Leroy Washington

27 I’ll Never Hold It Against You – Clarence Garlow

28 Take It Home To Grandma – Lester Robertson & The Upsetters

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