The incomparable DJ “Mojo” Man (a.k.a. Little Victor) presents the 10th and final volume of this interesting and very successful series focused on the originators of rock and roll and the very first “rockers” so to speak, African American artists. This CD sounds like an upgraded and improved modern-day version of the legendary STOMPIN’ and many similar “unofficial” albums that first made the World aware of so many great forgotten obscure tracks nowadays regarded as “classic” of the genre. The artwork is simply fantastic and the back of the CD (like all the compilations by the “Mojo” Man) mentions the original label and catalogue number, so it’s easy for a record collector to score an original copy. Once again too many good songs to mention here. This collection features 28 tracks even if it’s hard for any human mind to remember more than 20 or 24 songs by different artists. It’s really a “Super Big Gulp” of a record diabolically designed to quench any thirst of any size – even if in real life a “Big Gulp” drink usually gets flat and warm before you can finish it and the ice already starts melting while you are sipping half-way thru it. It’s another “All Fine Frame – No Parts Lame” CD but the highlights of this volumes are probably the rare rockin’ version of “Bloodshot Eyes” that Wynonie Harris re-recorded for Roulette, “Teenage Party” by Sonny Knight, a black version of “Raunchy” by Ernie Freeman and the original recording of the Little Richard-style number “Messing With The Kid” by Junior Wells on Chief Records. Junior is mostly regarded as a bluesman nowadays but he recorded songs in many different styles during his long career. This was his contribution to the rock and roll craze of the late 1950s. Wells recorded this number many times in a more “bluesy” vein and the song is considered a blues standard today.

01 Bob and Earl You Made A BooBoo (Byrd, Nelson) Class 213

02 Big Boy Myles & The ShawWees The Girl I Married (Myles) Speciality XSP56445

03 Lester Robertson Oh Babe (Bryan, Montel) Montel SJM 1004

04 Doc Starkes And The Nite Riders Love Me Like Crazy (Crawford) Linda 109

05 Ernie Freeman Raunchy (Justis, Manker) Imperial 5474

06 Elton Anderson I Love You (Shuler, Anderson) Trey 1002

07 The Cadillacs Holy Smoke Baby (Navarro, Powell) Josie 45842

08 Junior Wells Messin’ With The Kid (London) Chief C7021

09 Jimmy Good Watchdog (Cherry, Frank) Jet 1006

10 Al Garris That’s All (Prater) Glodis 1005

11 Baby Cortez Eeny Meenie Minie Moe (Clowney, Kriegsman, Wood) Clock 1006

12 The Clovers Hey Doll Baby (Turner) Atlantic 451083

13 Big Al Downing Please Come Home (Downing, Poe, Sandusky) VTone 215

14 Richie Richardson and The Jaguars The Jump (Richardson) Galaxy 103

15 Ray Sharpe Gonna Let It Go This Time (Wilson) Jamie 1149

16 King Coleman Black Bottom Blues (Coleman) Columbia 441927

17 Titus Turner Get On The Right Track Baby (Turner) Wing W90058

18 Richard Berry Yama Yama Pretty Mama (Berry, Josea) RPM 465

19 The Check Mates Hey Mrs Jones (Part 1) (Reagan, Millar) Arvee 5030

20 Red Smiley and The VelTones Jailbird (Bartholomew) Jin 45115

21 Johnny Fuller Sister Jenny (Durand) Imperial X5382

22 Sonny Knight Teenage Party (Morgan) GoGo 711

23 Wynonie Harris Bloodshot Eyes (Penny, Hall) King 4461

24 Chuck Flamingo Peepin’ Tom (Taylor) Beltone 451004

25 Willie Egan Rock & Roll Fever (Turner, Egan) Dash 55001

26 Henry And Mamie Two Big Feet (James, Broderick, Toombs) Amy 808

27 The Jive Five When I Was Single (Pitt, Waltzer) Beltone 451006

28 Al Brown and His Tunetoppers Take Me Back (Brown) Amy 811

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