It happened towards the end of 2008 when three lovers of the 7” single decided to start a new vinyl-only club night in Berlin. With the aim of breaking the fixation on a special style of music that the other vintage dances had been celebrating until then. There should be no limits, so our three embarked on a long journey, always in search of new small black vinyl for the collection, as oskur as possible, but with the premise of filling the dance floor.

And here is the 3rd collection from the Dusty Ballroom treasure chest – an exciting but eclectic mix of 40s jump blues, 50s exotica, a pinch of DooWop, surf with an Eastern vibe, rock & roll from Hawaii, burlesque tunes and more . Works in every situation!

Track Listing:

A1 Cha Cha la Negra – Armando Orefiche & his Havana Cuban Boys with Dulce Maria 1957 CUBA

A2 Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha – Titus Turner 1961 USA

A3 Something is going on in my Room – Daddy Cleanhead & the Chuck Higgins Band 1955 USA

A4 Black Diamond – Roy Brown & his Mighty-Mighty Men 1954 USA

A5 Yabu Alli Yabu Alli – Mayada LEBANON 196?

A6 Egyptian Shumba – The Tammys 1964 USA

A7 The 2000 Pound Bee – Part 2 – The Ventures 1962 USA

A8 Stingray – The Shadows 1965 UK

B1 What is this generation coming to? – Robert Mitchum 1957 United States

B2 Run Joe – Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five & vocal chorus by The Calypso Boys 1948 USA

B3 Cha Cha Twist – Margarita Sierra 1962 ESPAGNA

B4 Lookout Mountain – Chuck Miller 1956 USA

B5 Zoologico Negro – Comparsa Universitaria De La Laguna 1965 MEXICO

B6 Borderline Montuna – Henry Mancini 1958 USA

B7 Relax Max – Dinah Washington 1956 USA

B8 Time to kill – Tommy Steele and his Steelmen 1957 UK

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