CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 36 tracks. Total playing time c. 78 min.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Gene Vincent’s death, this unique compilation of originals and rare cover versions of classic Gene Vincent tracks will be released!

This edition in Bear Family’s ‘Connections’ series presents the songs in chronological order – and as Gene Vincent recorded them.

With 36 interpretations from 1952-1966, we show the influence of ‘Mr. Be-Bop-A-Lula’ on the international music scene as well as artists who gave Gene Vincent their masterpieces!

Among them we count a whole series of famous peers such as Bobby Darin, Kay Starr or Jerry Vale.

The British in particular celebrated Gene Vincent; accordingly, many British recordings are included by Marty Wilde, Terry Dene and Vince Taylor, a.o.!

France ( Les Chats Sauvages with Dick Rivers, Les Chaussettes Noires) is represented as well as Scandinavia (Rock-Ragge, The Spotnicks) and Australia (Johnny Rebb, Terry Dean).

Many rarities are among them like an extremely rare live recording of British artist, Wee Willie Harris, and The Voices, an almost unknown group.

The 36-page color booklet contains the story on the subject, written by well-known music journalist Bill Dahl, with many often rare photos and memorabilia!

Cat Man

Gene Vincent’s stage show, especially with the Blue Caps, was extremely energetic and simply sensational. While the band swept across the stage, Gene (handicapped in the leg by an accident) was “tied” to the microphone stand. His cat-like movements around the mic stand and a song with just that title made him the ‘Cat Man’. This was further solidified when Gene began performing in black leather in 1960, copied from the British Vince Taylor, who is also represented here. Gene’s European presence through numerous tours explains why huge numbers of combos in Europe covered Gene Vincent’s music.



Be-Bop-A-Lula remains Gene Vincent’s biggest hit, a rock’n’roll classic to be heard here in several different versions. Moreover, Vincent did record this song several times throughout his career. But Gene Vincent is much more than just ‘Mr. Be-Bop-A-Lula’! This compilation proves this with original versions of songs Gene recorded later, such as Woman Love by Jimmy Johnson, Hadda Brooks’ Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back, or Milt Trenier’s I’m Gonna Catch Me A Rat. Gene Vincent himself has been covered extensively. We’ve compiled the most interesting versions here, including a rare live recording by Wee Willie Harris from Portuguese television in 1959 – first time on CD.  Also very nice are the two Steve Drexel recordings related to the movie ‘Hot Rod Gang’, starring Drexel and Gene Vincent.


Gene Vincent’s career is highlighted from the beginning (The Voices Race With The Devil) to 1961 (The Spotnicks I’m Going Home). The 36-page color booklet includes the background story written by Bill Dahl, and lavish illustrations. Gene lives!

1          The Voices      Race With The Devil  0:58

2          Max K. Lipscomb       Be-Bop-A-Lula           2:26

3          Jimmy Johnson -Woman Love            2:31

4          Bobby Darin– Up A Lazy River        2:31

5          Jerry Vale–      Peg O’My Heart          2:39

6          Rock-Ragge & His Four Comets*–    Bluejean Bop  2:17

7          Hadda Brooks–           Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back          2:23

8          Kay Starr–       Blues Stay Away From Me    2:43

9          Rock-Ragge & His Four Comets*–    Who Slapped John      1:54

10        Bobby Milano–           Double Talkin’ Baby   2:01

11        Freddie Franks–          Red Blue Jeans And A Ponytail         2:04

12        Vince Eager–  Five Days, Five Days  2:16

13        Dean Hagopian & The Regals (10)–   Lotta Lovin’    2:18

14        Max K. Lipscomb*–   Rollin’ Danny  1:43

15        Steve Drexel & The Cut-Ups (2)–      Dance To The Bop      2:09

16        Tommy & The Tom Toms (Max K. Lipscomb)*–      Somebody Help Me

17        Jack Roubik & The T-J’s*–     I Got A Baby  1:55

18        Steve Drexel & The Cut-Ups (2)–      Baby Blue       2:07

19        Rusty Draper– Should I Ever Love Again      2:25

20        Terry Dean & The Rebels*–   Git It   2:10

21        The Super-Phonics*–  Teenage Partner          2:33

22        Freddy Robinson (3)– Five Feet Of Lovin’    1:52

23        Vince Taylor And The Playboys*–     Rocky Road Blues      1:59

24        Wee Willie Harris–      Say Mama (live)          1:51

25        Johnny Rebb & His Rebels–   Maybelline      2:28

26        Huey ‘Piano’ Smith & The Clowns*– High Blood Pressure   2:43

27        Les Chats Sauvages Avec Dick Rivers–         Anna Annabelle          1:36

28        Terry Dene–    Pretty Little Pearly      1:47

29        Les Chaussettes Noires–         Petite Sheila (She She Little Sheila)   3:03

30        Gene Princeton (Gene Rambo)*–       Big Fat Saturday Night          1:50

31        Johnny Rebb & His Rebels–   Right Here On Earth   2:23

32        Junior Shank & The Jesters–   Be-Bop-A-Lula           2:09

33        Milton Trenier–           Gonna Catch Me A Rat          2:48

34        Marty Wilde–  It’s Been Nice 1:58

35        Les Chaussettes Noires–         Be-Bop-A-Lula           1:56

36        The Spotnicks–           I’m Going Home (To See My Baby)  2:14

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