Atomicat Records’ seasonal Halloween album is entitled Hallowscream, Planetary Run, Volume Three(ACCD137). In 2021 we experimented with using a thematic approach to Halloween, and not using overly reissued novelty songs. As we are aging these songs are mainly juvenile, and should already be in your collection. This worked extremely well, and we made a loose connection to the pagan celebration with a theme. The company’s distribution agents kept on ordering more copies of the album, and we knew our customers were happy with the idea. In 2023 we continue the concept of using related topics and look at space travel using rocking songs. The album’s twenty-eight titles look at intergalactic travel and creatures from another world. The celestial assortment of rockin’ songs is about; Flyin’ Saucer Boogie, Rockin’ On The Moon, Satellite Love, and Astronauts. The interplanetary rockers are sourced from the genres of Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly, and Rock ‘n’ Roll music, and we include several lesser-known recordings within the album. The songs are definitive titles from 1953 through to 1963, and the album additionally includes two unissued songs from the legendary Rayburn Anthony.

1  Eddie Cletro And His Roundup Boys – Flyin’ Saucer Boogie

2   Billy Hogan & The Twilighters – Shake It Over Sputnik

3    Jan Amber – The Little Martian

4    The Jokers  –  The Daughter Of The Moon

5    Joe Montgomery–  Planetary Run

6    E. “Tiny” Watkins– Rockin’ Satellite

7     Bonnie Lou–   Friction Heat

8     Bill Riley–     Rockin’ On The Moon

9     Bill Carlisle–   Tiny Space Man

10    The Chaperones– The Man From The Moon

11    Lenny Welch– Rocket To The Moon

12    The Rebelaires Featuring Sammy Smith–  Satellite Rock

13     Ferrell Brothers With Terry And Ann–  Oh! Moon

14     Rayburn Anthony – Rocketship To Mars

15     Jerry Engler & The Four Ekkos – Sputnik (Satellite Girl)

16    Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones–  Rocket

17    Lil Randolph (Madame Queen)–      Satellite Love

18    Georgia Jim–   Flyin’ Saucer Baby

19    Joe Tate And The Hi Fives– Satellite Rock

20    Riki And The Rikatones–       T.N.T.

21    Rayburn Anthony–     Mr. Moon

22    Ron Halls With Donna Reid And The Pic-Tones– Satellite

23    Gary (U.S.) Bonds–  Trip To The Moon

24    Buck Trail– Knocked Out Joint On Mars

25    The Busters –   Astronaut’s

26     Helen Warren –   Rocket And Roll (Space Boy)

27     The Vigilantes–  Man In Space

28     Jeff Hughes – Our Spaceman Did Come Back

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