This highly recommended hi strung CD contains 28 rousing RnB Rockers and a dash of Doo Wop with the emphasis on jiving style with added stroll tempo grooves for added stylistic variety.

The Koko Mojo gang says “Cut a rug kids and go crazy with this 1951 through 1963 dance fest.”

1          The Adventurers         Do It

2          Titus Turner     Get On The Right Track Baby

3          Jackson Brothers Orch. (Billy Henderson vocal)   We’re Gonna Rock This Joint

4          Fats Domino   Don’t You Know

5          The Midnighters          Rock, Granny, Roll

6          Pork Chops     I Wanna See My Lovin Baby

7          Pretty Boy with Lee Simms Orch.      Switchin’ In The Kitchen

8          Buddy Lucas  When My Dreamboat Comes Home

9          Jay McNeely with Jesse Belvin          Don’t Cry Baby

10        Dinah Washington      Such A Night

11        The Five Jets   Please Love Me Baby

12        Roy Montrell   Oooh-Wow

13        The Sharps      Look At Me!

14        Billy and The King Bees         Susie Q

15        Clyde McPhatter         High School Social

16        Chuck Willis   My Baby

17        Linda Hayes With Earl Warren Orch. and Chorus     Hubba Hubba

18        The Hawks      Give It Up

19        Bobby Day Honeysuckle        Baby

20        The Drifters     Hey Senorita

21        Thurston Harris           My Love Will Last

22        Otis Williams And His Charms          Little Turtle Dove

23        Carmen Taylor            Teen-Age Ball

24        Clarence Henry           It Won’t Be Long

25        Eddie Bo         I’m Wise

26        The Rams        Rock Bottom

27        Lenny Welch   You Can Have Her

28        The Fiestas      The Party’s Over

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