In 1974, the head of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, said, ”Jesse Stone did more to develop the basic rock and roll sound than anybody else.” This accolade is a strong statement that Stone’s work for the Atlantic Record Company helped shape Rhythm & Blues music and made the cross-over into the emerging Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Several songs on this album often had his physical presence upon them, and the sleeve notes provide were available the session information and indicate his personal involvement.

01 Odelle Turner with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Alarm Clock Boogie (Hegner, Turner) Atlantic 1952

02 Jesse Stone and His Band Runaway (Calhoun, Nugetre) Atlantic 1954

03 Charlie Calhoun (I Don’t Know) Why The Car Won’t Go (Calhoun) MGM 1955

04 Joe Turner and His Blues Kings Hide And Seek (Winley, Byrd) Atlantic 1955

05 Bill Haley and His Commets (Calhoun) Decca 1955

06 The Jodimars Rattle My Bones (Stone, Adams, DeKnight) Capitol 1956

07 Alan Freed Right Now, Right Now (Sears, Calhoun) Coral 1956

08 Charles Calhoun My Pidgeon’s Gone (Davenport) Groove 1956

09 Big Joe Turner Well All Right (Calhoun, Nugetre, Gerald) Atlantic LP 1957

10 Chuck Willis with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Ease The Pain (Willis, Thomas) Atlantic 1957 11 Frankie Brunson Ward 13 (Stone) RCA Victor 1957

12 Joe Turner with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Teen Age Letter (Richard) Atlantic 1957

13 The Metronomes with Jesse Stone’s Orch. I’m Gonna Get Me A Girl Somehow (Wright) Cadence 1957

14 Candy Reed with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Give Me Love (Franklin, Otis) Vanguard 1958 15 Carl Perkins Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll (Calhoun) Columbia LP 1958

16 Janis Martin Good Love (Stone) RCA Victor 1958

17 Jimmy Breedlove with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Oo-Whee, Good Gosh A-Mighty (Breedlove) Epic 1958

18 Roy Hamilton with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Crazy Feelin´ (Teifer, Sharp) Epic 1958

19 Roberta Sherwood Love Is A-Breakin’ Out (Stone) Decca 1958

20 The Stone Crushers leader Jesse Stone Crawfish (Wise, Weisman) RCA Victor 1958 21 Walter Spriggs with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Rack ‘Em Back (McCoy, Owens) Atco 1958 22 Roy Hamilton with Jesse Stone’s Orch. A Great Romance (Dixon, Dean, Schowalter) Epic 1959

23 The Clovers with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Old Black Magic (Arlen, Mercer) Poplar 1958 24 Al Gardner with Jesse Stone’s Orch. The Stomp (Covay, Berry) Decca 1960

25 LaVern Baker with Jesse Stone’s Orch. Bumble Bee (Fullylove, Baker) Atlantic 1960 26 Frank Deaton and The Mad-Lads Don’t Let Go (Stone) Target 1960

27 Bill Haley and His Comets Flip, Flop And Fly (Calhoun, Turner) Warner Bros. 1961

28 Dale Hawkins Money Honey (Stone) Tilt 1961

29 LaVern Baker with Jesse Stone’s Orch. You Said (Wright) Atlantic LP 1962

30 The Four Sounds Mama Ubangi Bangi (Calhoun) Ran-Dee 1962

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