Leroy Edward Kirkland aka Claude Cloud was primarily a jazz and rhythm & blues guitarist, who also worked behind the scenes as; a composer, conductor, session leader, and arranger. He is largely unknown to the general public and media-wise he is mainly confined to the annals of musical history, and his importance is not overtly acknowledged. The intention of this tribute to Leroy Edward Kirkland’s songwriting skills is to focus on his up-tempo titles which will entertain you at home, please the couples who enjoy dancing and bring his name into vernacular speech.


01 Larry Darnell – I’ll Be Sittin’, I’ll Be Rockin’

02 Bobby Lewis – Mumbles Blues

03 Sonny Terry – Hooray Hooray

04 Sonny Terry – Hoopin’ And Jumpin’

05 Jimmy Newsome – Do That Thing

06 Jimmie Newsome – I’m Afraid I Love You

07 The Eagles – Don’t You Wanna Be Mine

08 Dinah Washington – My Man’s An Undertaker

09 Alonzo Scales – She’s Gone

10 Dolores Ware – Thrill-La-Dill

11 John Greer – Come Back Maybelline

12 The Prestos – Looking For Love

13 Zilla Mays – Right Now

14 Jay Hawkins – Talk About Me

15 Alan Freed – Band Rock ‘n Roll Boogie

16 The Pearls – It’s Love, Love, Love

17 Bobby Brookes – You’d Better Move

18 Brook Benton – Crinoline Skirt

19 The Equadors – Stay A Little Longer

20 The Strollers – We’re Strollin’

21 The Mighty Jupiters – Your Love

22 The Five Keys – Your Teeth And Your Tongue

23 Bobby Guy – Good Enough

24 The Fabulons – Give Me Back My Ring

25 Bobby Hendricks – Good Lovin’

26 Clyde McPhatter – Whole Heap Of Love

27 Ruth McFadden – Lovin’ Time

28 Yvonne Baker and The Sensations – Party Across The Hall

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