So by popular demand the Boss Black Rocker crew get put back to work and uncovering more… er, well Boss Black Rockers. If this first volume is anything to go by this set is going to be as essential as the earlier incarnation. By now you should know what you will be getting, wild Rock n Roll. What is there not to love.

01. Tony Harris – Chicken, Baby, Chicken
02. Bobby Brookes – Looka, Looka, Looka
03. Otis Riley – Rock and Roll Riley
04. Prentice Moreland – Come On Pretty Baby 05. Eddie Daniels – Hug Me, Kiss Me
06. Neil Darrow with The Quarter Notes – She’s A Fine Chick
07. Chuck Grey – Rock And Roll Is In My Soul
08. Titus Turner – Hold Your Loving
09. Don and Dewey – Justine
10. Mae Mercer – Great Googa Mooga
11. Jackie Wilson – You Better Know It
12. Earl Gaines – Now Do You Hear
13. Phil Flowers – No Kissing At The Hop
14. The Jewels – Goin’ Goin’ Gone
15. H-Bomb Ferguson – Mary Little Mary
16. Hannah Dean – Itty Bitty Love
17. Little Joe Hinton – Lets Start A Romance
18. Roy Wright – No Haps
19. Leonard Johnson – The Bug
20. Eugene Church – Mind Your Own Business
21. Teddy Humphries – Guitar Pickin’ Fool
22. Johnny Johnson – Great Cooga-Mooga
23. King Perry – Come Back Baby
24. Kenny and Moe (The Blues Boys) – So Long I’m Gone
25. The Pyramids – Shakin’ Fit
26. Sammy Taylor – Switchin’ In The Kitchen
27. Lee Diamond – Hatti Malatti
28. Ernie Fields Orchestra – Knocked Out

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