• Brandnew recordings featuring an array of original Starday recordings artists.

• Produced by musician and scholar Nate Gibson who recently wrote a book about Starday.

• Starday Records was the most prolific independant country music record label.

• 24 songs recorded in 2018, incl. stars like Betty Amos with Judy & Jean, Bill Clifton, Rudy ’Tutti’ Grayzell, Wade Jackson, Sleepy LaBeef, Little Roy Lewis, Jesse McReynolds (of Jim & Jesse), Darnell Miller, Frankie Miller, Arnold Parker, Margie Singleton, and June Stearns.

• Backed by Marty Stuart and members of his Fabulous Superlatives band, Kenny Vaughan, Chris Scruggs, a.m.o.

• Comprehensive booklet with extensive liner notes and annotations by Starday expert, Nate Gibson.

• Introduction by Marty Stuart and Frankie Miller

Frankie Miller (2), Nate Gibson Rain Rain 2:10
–Betty Amos with ‘Judy & Jean’, Nate Gibson Eighteen Wheels A Rolling 2:21
–Sleepy La Beef, Nate Gibson Lonely 2:17
–Bill Clifton, Nate Gibson Little White Washed Chimney 2:25
–Jesse McReynolds, Nate Gibson Pardon Me 2:18
–Arnold Parker, Nate Gibson Find A New Woman 2:04
–Darnell Miller, Nate Gibson Royal Flush 2:32
–Little Roy Lewis, Nate Gibson Saints’ Banjo March 2:27
–Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell, Nate Gibson Let’s Get Wild 3:04
–June Stearns, Nate Gibson We’ve Got Things In Common 2:47
–Sleepy La Beef, Nate Gibson All the Time 1:55
–Margie Singleton, Nate Gibson On the Cross 3:32
–Little Roy Lewis, Nate Gibson Ain’t No Room In the Church For Liars 3:16
–Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell, Nate Gibson Duck Tail 2:49
–Jesse McReynolds, Nate Gibson Nobody But You 2:19
–Darnell Miller, Nate Gibson Mark Of Cain 2:32
–Betty Amos with ‘Judy & Jean’, Nate Gibson Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar) 2:27
–Margie Singleton, Nate Gibson My Special Dream 2:53
–Wade Jackson (2), Nate Gibson Sippin’ On A Sud 1:49
–Darnell Miller, Nate Gibson Back To You 2:09
–Bill Clifton, Nate Gibson Mary Dear 3:15
–Frankie Miller (2), Nate Gibson Family Man 2:21
–June Stearns, Nate Gibson Slippin’ Around 2:12
–Sleepy La Beef, Nate Gibson I’m Through 2:12
–Nate Gibson The Spook 2:13

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