The twenty-eight songs on the Pan American Recordings, Rockin’ Rollin’ USA 07 adventure are an insight into home-produced and buy-in records that were available in Canada. Throughout Mark and Henrique’s epic expedition you will hear a plethora of rockin’ music, and the motor is running as the excursion is underway with music from the years 1956 through to 1963 to bring pleasure to your ears. The regional labels in Woman Fever include; Aragon, Banff, Chateau, Delta, Rock-A-Tune, and Zirkon. The Pan American Recordings label endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some people, perhaps more obscure titles, and our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, its “killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany


01 Bunker Hill Hide And Go Seek (pt1) (Hill) Barry, Canada 1962

02 Slim Harpo Don’t Start Cryin’ Now (Moore, West) Zirkon, Canada 1961

03 Count Victors Road Runner (McDaniel) Coral, Canada 1963

04 Cosmos vocal Andy Wilson My Love, My Love (Wilson) Regency, Canada 1959

05 Rockin’ Robin Roberts Maryann (Charles) London, Canada 1961

06 Eugene Church I Ain’t Goin’ For That (Church) Delta, Canada 1959

07 Tony Spade What’s Gwyne On (Gordy, Carlo) Delta, Canada 1958

08 Prowlers Get A Move On (Voght) Aragon, Canada 1958

09 Billy Brown Next (Sherman, Keller) Columbia, Canada 1958

10 Hal Willis My Pink Cadillac (Willis, Willis) Atlantic 1956

11 Rock-A-Tunes Woman Fever (McGillis) Rock-A-Tune, Canada1959

12 Robins White Cliffs Of Dover (Burton, Kent) Barry, Canada 1961

13 Willows Baby Tell Me (Willows, Watts) Regency, Canada 1956

14 Barry and The Deans Rock With My Baby (Perzow, Flanz) Zikon, Canada 1960

15 Jill Corey Love Me To Pieces (Endsley) Columbia, Canada 1957

16 Hal Willis That’s The Way It Goes (Siebert) Decca 1959

17 Evan Kemp’s Trail Riders Midnight Ryder (Ryder) Aragon, Canada 1959 18 Jimmy James Baby Sitter Rock (James) Columbia, Canada 1958

19 Cosmos vocal Andy Wilson Worry Worry (Mulhall) Regency, Canada 1958

20 Hugh Barrett There Was A Fungus Among Us (no credit) Quality, Canada 1961

21 Ted Self (Little Angel) Come Rock Me To Sleep (Self) Zirkon, Canada 1960

22 Rudy Rivers I Let The Train Whistle Say My Goodbye (Rivers) Rodeo, 1959

23 Guido D’Amico I’m In Love With You (D’Amico) Quality, Canada 1959

24 Kenny and The Be-Bops Lindy Lou (Kenny and The Be-Bops) Chateau, 1961

25 Ted Daigle Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (Clement) Banff, Canada 1961

26 Bobby Parker Watch Your Step (Parker) Record-o-Rama, Canada 1961

27 Buster Brown Don’t Dog Your Woman (Brown) Zirkon, Canada

28 Bunker Hill Hide And Go Seek Pt.2 (Hill) Barry, Canada 1962

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