A great album with 16 of the finest Black n Roll and Rhythm and Blues tracks ever laid down.  It is difficult to choose just one but below tune gives you the flavour.

Side One

George Young – Buggin’ Baby

Otis Hinton – Walking Down Hill

Stomp Gordon – The Grind

Dennis Binder – She’s Sumpin Else

Dirty Red – Mother Fuyer

Sugar And Sweet – Do The Dive

El Capris – Ivy League Clean

Tabby Thomas – Church Members Ball

Side Two

Little Walkin’ Willie – Blow Little Willie

The Fairlanes – Johnny Rhythm

Joe ‘Mr G’ August – Strange Things Happening In The Dark

Phil Flowers – Twistin’ Beat

Chase Canfil – Woke Up This Morning

E ‘Tiny’ Watson – Rockin’ Satellite

The Sultans – You Got Me Goin’

Jimmy Shaw – Big Chief Hug-Um An’ Kiss-Um


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