Form A Partnership – Glad All Over, Atomicat (ACCD054) “This Atomicat album is compiled by well-known Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years.” The Ten Commandment Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Commandment Five, Form A Partnership, Glad All Over Atomicat (ACCD054). The album comprises songs that need to be played loud and often and will bring life to your Hi-Fi, or Record Hop when played! Lesser-known artists and recordings stand alongside hit-making artists and their recordings, with either a rock-a- ballad or smooth song to end the album and answer the music direction of the relating album. Commandment Five, is packed full of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, and Doo Wop titles to please your ears and those heading for destination love are; Billy Brown, Look Out Heart (Here Comes Love), Roy Tyson, Oh What A Night For Love, Ruth Brown, Sweet Baby Of Mine, Edna McGriff I Can’t Love You Enough, Bobby Darin, I Want You With Me and Judy Capps with Pat Kingary and The Kentuckians, You Can Have My Love. The Stratfords take a different approach, Promise Her Anything (But Give Her Love) but overall the direction of the songs through their performers is clear, life is going so well and to close and bring firmly to a conclusion Johnny Carroll cannot live without his girl, he would be, Lost Without You. Our albums have; stunning design, the sleeve notes will offer either; factual narrative information, a light heated Billboard style review of the title and some personal visual experiences that will be shared. The thirty songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!.

01 Billy Brown Look Out Heart (Here Comes Love) (Pitts)

02 Chuck Reed with Hugo Peretti & His Orch. Let’s Put Our Hearts Together (Eisenhauer, Linsley)

03 Roy Tyson Oh What A Night For Love (Price, Logan)

04 Carl Perkins The Rockin’ Guitar Man Glad All Over (Schroeder, Tepper, Bennett)

05 Gene Wyatt Love Fever (Marais, Lewis)

06 Francis Zambon And The Naturals Our Love Will Last (Zambon) Vamalco)

07 Billy Martin If It’s Lovin’ That You Want (Martin)

08 Ruth Brown Sweet Baby Of Mine (Sharp)

09 Jim Eddy All Of Me (Simons, Marks)

10 The Stratfords Promise Her Anything (But Give Her Love) (Lewis)

11 Judy Capps, Pat Kingary and The Kentuckians You Can Have My Love (Kingary, Capps)

12 The Staffords Look What You Did (Stafford, Flick, Trace)

13 Mac Curtis Say So (Davis)

14 Frankie Brent Be My Girl (Singer)

15 The Solitaires What Did She Say (Stewart)

16 Du Droppers Honey Bunch (Singleton, McCoy)

17 Billy Craddock Sweetie Pie (Falk, Koury)

18 The Barker Brothers Monty & Fredy Hey Little Mama (Hazelwood)

19 Dickie Pride Betty Betty (Go Steady With Me) (Ross, Barry)

20 The Mello Tones I’m Gonna Get (What I Came For Last Night) (Hulbert, Martines)

21 Edna McGriff I Can’t Love You Enough (Burton, Plummer, Baker)

22 Lenny Capello & The Dots Tottles (Capello)

23 The Spirals Please Be My Love (Neeley)

24 Johnny Preston Kissin’ Tree (Inman)

25 Cliff Richard And The Shadows I’m Gonna Get You (Harris, Marvin, Samwell)

26 Vikki NelsonJust One More Smile (One More Time) (Williams)

27 Jimmy Isle vocal background by The Southlanders Goin’ Wild (Isle)

28 Bobby Darin I Want You With Me (Harris)

29 Johnny Devlin Heaven’s Plan (Walker)

30 Johnny Carroll Lost Without You Williams-Carroll)

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