• Bear Family Records provides with the 38th volume in the successful CD series ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’ the first comprehensive and carefully conceived showcase of the rockabilly and R&R recordings on Liberty Records and its sub-label Freedom.Among the best-known Liberty and Freedom rockers were Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette and Johnny Olenn.Our compilation also presents fellow artists like Al Casey, Bobby Lonero, Jackie Dee (who should be more familiar to music lovers as Jackie DeShannon), or Lee Ross and Wally Lewis – lesser known, but by no means musically any weaker!Carefully restored and remastered recordings.

    DeLuxe packaging with extensive liner notes by Bill Dahl and in-detail discographical information.

    Liberty Records was founded in 1955 on the US West Coast as an independent label specializing in film music. In its first year, singer Julie London delivered the fledgling label a smash hit with Cry Me A River, and a year later legendary pianist and film composer Henry Mancini signed with Liberty. However, he left the label in 1958 and spent the next 20 years working for RCA Records.

    Liberty Records offered a wide range of musical styles and produced – to the astonishment of many rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll fans – a number of excellent recordings. Eddie Cochran was the best-known and most successful rock singer on Liberty, with hits such as Sittin’ in the Balcony (1957), Summertime Blues and C’mon Everybody, followed by Johnny Burnette and Bobby Vee, who joined Liberty in 1960 and recorded Suzie Baby.

    Moving to the well-known corporate address on Sunset Boulevard in 1958, Liberty established Freedom, an extremely short-lived secondary label that did not survive through 1959.

    For the 38th issue in our renowned ‘That’ll Fat Git It!” CD series, we’ve compiled 37 recordings from the extensive Liberty/Freedom catalog and had Bill Dahl comment on them in extensive liner notes. We’ve gone in search of the best accessible sources and taken the utmost care in re-mastering to release the most comprehensive and highest quality compilation to date, featuring the most rocking tracks from the Liberty catalog.


01        Willa Mae        Al Casey

02        There’ll Never Be Another      Jack C. Smith

03        Little Bit         Bobby Lonero

04        Buddy Jackie Dee

05        I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More   Johnny Olenn

06        Go Ahead On Jack Grayson & The So And So’s

07        Am I Blue       Eddie Cochran

08        Dirty Dog        Dick Banks

09        Flyin’ High      Bobby Vee & The Shadows

10        You Upset Me            Dinah Lee

11        You’ve Done It Again            Andy & The Live Wires

12        Lies     Lee Ross

13        Lover Boy       Wally Lewis

14        Lovin’  Ned & Gary

15        No Dough       Willie Nelson

16        Sweet Baby Doll         Johnny Burnette

17        How Many Miles        Steve Rowland & The Bystanders

18        Hey Baby        Bill Lawrence

19        Tough Top Cat            Ralph Emery

20        Twenty Flight Rock (film version)     Eddie Cochran

21        Honeysuckle Rose      Jack C. Smith

22        What Ya Gonna Do    Galen Denny

23        What Time Is It?         The Raiders, feat. Tommy Allsup

24        Sarah Lee        Bob Orrison

25        She’S Gotta Shake      Al Casey

26        Wee Willie      Ricky Page

27        Me And The Bear       Johnny Burnette

28        Billy Billy        Dee Dee Dorety

29        Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down     Johnny Olenn

30        She’s So Fine   Andy Caldwell

31        Little Queenie Bobby Vee & The Crickets

32        Werewolf        The Frantics

33        Ain’t That Somethin’   Larry O’Keefe

34        Gonna Build A Rocket           Galen Denny

35        You May Never Know           Suzanne & The Band-Aides

36        Not For Love Or Money         Gary Hodge

37        Party Crashin’  Davy Douglas

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