A CD collection of the greatest rockabilly weekend show on earth 2003. Many exclusive tracks.

1 –Carlos And The Bandidos Tall Tall Trees
2 –Carlos And The Bandidos Reputation
3 –The Roy Kay Trio Confused
4 –The Roy Kay Trio Nevada Bop
5 –Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Flyers Rockin’ On My Mind
6 –Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Flyers You Give Me A Thrill
7 –The Stillmen Wild Wild Lover
8 –Rimshots (2) The World Keeps Turning
9 –Rimshots (2) My Baby Walks All Over Me
10 –The Cordwood Draggers Hole In My Pocket
11 –Sophia Wolff and the Cubs Playgirl
12 –Sophia Wolff and the Cubs Rockabilly Boy
13 –The Howlin’ Hound Dogs Jitterbop Baby
14 –The Rizlas Tell Me Why
15 –The Rizlas Bop Little Children
16 –Bones Maki And The Sun Dodgers Tiger In My Tank
17 –Bones Maki And The Sun Dodgers Little Girls Voice
18 –Cash O’Riley And The Downright Daddies The Last Time
19 –Cash O’Riley And The Downright Daddies Two Six Packs
20 –Omar and the Stringpoppers What To Do
21 –High Jinx (3) Lil Miss
22 –High Jinx (3) One Of These Days
23 –Nate Gibson And The Gas House Gang All I Wanted Was A Dance
24 –Nate Gibson And The Gas House Gang I Dont Need Liquor For A Good Time
25 –Rhythm Bound Mad Dog Mean
26 –Rhythm Bound You Can Do No Wrong
27 –Shotgun What Goes Around
28 –The Bop Kings Fool With The Blues
29 –The Bop Kings Devil On My Shoulder

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