Voodoo Mambosis And Other Tropical Diseases is the start of a new series on Stag-O-Lee. Three volumes are planned. The original records come from the collection of our esteemed Duke Jens-O-Matic, who has been a graphic artist, internationally celebrated DJ, collector and hunter for decades.
Even back when we first breathed life into Stag-O-Lee, Jens-O-Matic was there and delivered four volumes of the wonderful Jim Jam Gems 10” series. Each is stylistically self-contained. He is currently working on further Jim Jam Gems volumes, but is having a hard time with the liner notes because, “you have a pedagogical task!”.

Now to the recording at hand:
What does a friend of the obscure 7” do when he already has everything in the area of ​​rhythm & blues etc.? He is looking for other fields of activity. Different countries, different music, different influences. So does our Jens-O-Matic. He went on a little trip around the world for Voodoo Mambosis, incorporated his new love of cumbia, mixed in a pinch of voodoo, reactivated some old bluesheroes, plus some exotica – that never hurts.
The great art now is to combine these disparate elements on paper in such a way that something unique and consistently exciting is created. Voodoo Mambosis And Other Tropical Diseases is the best example of this!
The cover, also designed by Jens-O-Matic, is a homage to the seminal 84 compilation Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease!

Side A
1. Lloyd Prince Thomas – Rookombey
2. Willie Dixon – Firey Love
3. Combo Los Galleros – Soledad
4. Shadow & Gavan – Golli Golli
5. JB Lenoir – Voodoo Boogie
6. Otis Banks – Sazarac
7. Xavier Cugat – Africano Soy

Side B.
1. Kentrick Patrick – Beyond
2. Celia Cruy – Matiuaga
3. The Mariners – Zindy Lou
4. Louis Jones – The Birds Is Coming
5. Tamiko Watanabe – O Yards For Love
6. Benz Moré – Donde Estabas Tu
7 .Inorvia Simon & Renée Mirault – Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh!

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