The exciting, eardrum-stimulating sounds placed onto Atomicat Records (ACCD135) Whip Masters Volume 05 are mesmerizing, and alluring to the ears. The thirty blasts of instrumental wildness are from leather jacket wearing rockers twanging their axes, and maniac drummers stomping the foot peddles, and beating the skins and manic saxophonists. The tunes sourced from 1952 through to 1963 from; Jerry Neal, Clifton Chenier, Walkin Charlie Aldrich and The Way Outers, The Ernie Freeman Combo, The Brain Twist, Manuel and The Renegades, and many more will send you into a musical stratosphere!

01 Jerry Neal Scratchin’ (Cochran, Capehart) Dot 1958

02 Bob Moore and The Temps Braggin’ (Moore, Buchanan) Daisy 1963

03 Clifton Chenier The Big Wheel (Chenier) Argo 1957

04 Ernie Freeman Combo Comin’ Home Baby (Tucker, Dorough) Liberty LP 1963

05 The Satellites Ali-Baba (Rio) Kiwi 1962

06 The Pyramids Penetration (Leonard) Best 1963

07 Carl Newman Tom-Tom (Colley, Dawson, Schulen) Trio 1960

08 The Starfires Chartreuse Caboose (King) Pama 1958

09 Chiyo and The Crescents Devil Surf (Chiyo) Break Out 1963

10 Walkin Charlie Aldrich and The Way Outers Hot Sake (Aldrich, Duncan) Echo 1961

11 Commanders Blackout (Verge Jr.) Cool 1961

12 Baby Boy Warren Chicken (Uncredited) Drummond) 1956

13 The Tarantulas Tarantula (Rains, Tucker) Atlantic 1961

14 Manuel and The Renegades Woody Wagon (Uncredited) Piper 1963

15 The Fifty Milers The Grunt (Jacobs) Eva 1963

16 Johnnie And Jack and The Tennessee Mountain Boys Yeah (Tillis) RCA Victor 1958 17 The Galaxies Ad Lib (Winn) Darbo 1959

18 Byron Gosh Group Disgusting (Gosh) Golden Crest 1959

19 Dave Hamilton and His Peppers Cooter Bug (Uncredited) Hi-Q 1961

20 Willis ”Gator” Jackson And His Orchestra Rock! Rock! Rock! (Mundy) Atlantic 1952 21 Tiny Lyman and His Jukes Left Overs (Jukes) Runnin’ Wild 1959

22 The Brain Twist Brain Twist (Chambers) Columbia EP 1963

23 Paul Gayten Tickle Toe (Gayten) Argo 1958

24 The Nite Sounds Cheese Cake (Vaden, Chittenden, Malamis, Smith) Fortune 1962

25 Chantays Move It (Spickard, Carman) Downey 1962

26 Ernie Freeman Walking The Beat (Freeman) Imperial 1956

27 Young John Watson Space Guitar (Watson) Federal 1954

28 Tex Carman Aungalala (Carmen) Sage 1962

29 The Losers Snake Eyes (Blore, Todd, Butela) Parley 1963

30 Link Wray and The Wraymen Slinky (Grant, Wray Jr.) Epic 1959


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