The musically journey in Willie Dixon, Hard Notch Boogie Beat (KM-CD-156) explodes into action in 1947 and boogies through to 1962. The album is filled to abundance with up-tempo boogie-blues, energetic rhythm & blues and some sultry female R&B divas add to the all-round look at his influence on popular music. Dixon who was one of the greatest bassets and song writers in the world and he is featured with six recordings from his tenure with the Big Three Trio, two solo recordings, and one duet with Memphis Slim. He additionally performs as session basset on many of the album’s songs, and the sleeve notes provide this information. The album has a strong focus on his prime period was with the Chicago labels, Chess, Checker and Cobra.

01 Big Three Trio – Signifying Monkey
02 Big Three Trio – 88 Boogie
03 Big Three Trio – I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Monkey Man
04 Big Three Trio – Hard Notch Boogie Beat
05 Big Three Trio – Big 3 Stomp
06 Big Three Trio – Tell That Woman
07 The Howlin’ Wolf – Rockin’ Daddy
08 Little Walter and His Jukes – Mellow Down Easy
09 Willie Dixon and His All Stars – Crazy For My Baby
10 Willie Dixon – 29 Ways
11 Betty Everett – My Love
12 Harold Burrage- I Don’t Care Who Knows
13 Harold Burrage – Stop For The Red Light
14 Harold Burrage – Messed Up
15 Magic Sam – 21 Days In Jail
16 Little Walter – Crazy Mixed Up World
17 Buddy Guy – The Slop Around
18 Etta and Harvey – Spoonful
19 Howlin’ Wolf – Howlin’ For My Darling
20 Muddy Waters – Tiger In Your Tank
21 Willie Dixon and Memphis Slim – Don’t You Tell Nobody
22 Guitar Red – Just You And I
23 Howlin’ Wolf – Wang-Dang-Doodle
24 Tiny Topsy – Working On Me Baby
25 Bo Diddley – My Babe
26 Bo Diddley – You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
27 Muddy Waters – You Need Love
28 Howlin’ Wolf – You’ll Be Mine

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