2023 “Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920’s” Calendar with Free CD

Each year John Tefteller searches through his world-beating collection of super-rare Blues images and records to pretty much give the rest of the Blues World a New Year present. This calendar features original classic artwork and rare photographs of legendary Blues performers. Also included are sample song lyrics, brief biographies and birth and death dates of numerous Blues artists. This is the last calendar that will be produced.

It is time for Blues Images to say goodbye. After twenty years, the “Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920’s” calendar with free CD is our final volume due to rising printing, production and postage costs, as well as a world where many no longer use wall calendars nor appreciate CD quality sound.

This year’s edition is a treasure trove of original advertising artwork for Pre-War Blues 78’s (including six colour images) and rare photographs of Pre-War Blues artists.

The enclosed free CD of rare Pre-War and Post War recordings is perhaps our best ever with a whopping 25 tracks! The Pre-War offerings include: a never-before-heard song by Funny Paper Smith, the first version of the Blues standard “Ain’t Gonna Worry My Life Any More” by Memphis Willie Borum, two unreleased takes from a 1930 Paramount session with Irene Scruggs and Little Brother Montgomery (the latter’s very first recordings), and both sides of Edith North Johnson’s missing Paramount!

Also featured are astounding Post War Blues, such as Pete Franklin’s “Mr. Charlie,” and four songs by Playboy Fuller from the original J-V-B master tape. All are lovingly restored as close to perfection as today’s technology provides. We’re going out with a bang!

This unique combination of calendar and CD cleverly matches the songs with each month’s ad or artist — bringing the images to life! Also included are full-color CD booklets and tray liners for calendar buyers to insert into their own jewel case.

25 Classic Blues Songs from the 1920’s – 1950’s CD • Vol. 20
(CD enclosed within 2023 Blues Artwork calendar)

1. Run, Mollie, Run • Henry Thomas
2. No More Ball And Chain • Joshua White
3. Shipwreck Blues • Bessie Smith
4. Old Rounder’s Blues • Funny Paper Smith
5. Balky Mule Blues • Blind Lemon Jefferson
6. Blake’s Worried Blues • Blind Blake
7. Worn Down Daddy Blues • Ida Cox
8. Lexington Kentucky Blues • Papa Charlie Jackson
9. Big Boy Blues • Ma Rainey
10. Blue Devil Blues • Texas Alexander
11. Poor Me • Charley Patton
12. A Sermon On A Silver Dollar • Brother Fullbosom
13. Moses Go Down To Pharaoland • Brother Fullbosom
14. Gonna Play My Guitar – A Letter To Muddy Waters • Playboy Fuller
15. Freight Train In The Morning [Unreleased] • Playboy Fuller
16. Sugar Cane Highway – Alternate Take [Studio Chatter] • Playboy Fuller
17. Going Back To Mobile [Unreleased] • Playboy Fuller
18. Mr. Charlie [Unreleased] • Pete Franklin
19. Springtime Blues • Scrapper Blackwell
20. St. Louis Woman Blues – Test, Take 1 [Unreleased] • Irene Scruggs with Little Brother Montgomery
21. St. Louis Woman Blues – Test, Take 2 [Unreleased] • Irene Scruggs with Little Brother Montgomery
22. Beat You Doing It • Edith North Johnson
23. Whispering To My Man • Edith North Johnson
24. Ain’t Gonna Worry My Life Any More [Unreleased] • Memphis Willie Borum
25. I’m Going Away Blues • Frank Stokes

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