Buzzsaw Joint is a monthly London club night that fuels fans with a high-octane mix of rhythm & blues and rock & roll trash. Buzzsaw boss Fritz has also launched a Mixcloud page, with mixes on the theme of collectors and hunters around the world.
So it was only logical that the whole thing also takes place on vinyl and CD. With Stag-O-Lee, someone quickly found who thought it was a good idea. More volume/cuts to follow.
Get your ears around the wild’n’weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint!

For the 8th cut of the Buzzsaw Joint series, Johnny Alpha and Carl Combover rummage through their richly stocked 7” boxes. Both are masters of sleazy, greasy and fuzzy. Carl runs the Go Go Cage night in Liverpool and Johnny DJs in and around Wigan (legendary place – Wigan Casino!).
Both are also in demand and on the move worldwide.
For Cut 8 they chose tracks that cannot be found on other similar compilations. Another highlight in this strong series.

Track listing:
Side 1.

1. Lee the Big Masher Lilly – Big Masher 2:12
2. Plas Johnson – The Loop 2:20
3. Nite Caps – Haunted Sax 2:17
4. The Rollers – Troubles 2:02
5. Secrets – Twin Exhaust 1:56
6. Majestics – The Boss Walk 2:12
7. Richard Anthony – Nouvelle Vague 2:32
8. Johnny Fisher – Tell Me Yes 1:55

Side 2.
1. Lee Castle – Big Bad Train 2:17
2. Ernie Fields – Teen Flip 2:24
3. The Champs – Panic Button 2:09
4. Dynamics – Jaj 2:07
5. Tarheel Slim – Can ‘t Stay Away 2:34
6. Bobbie Smith – Now He’s Gone 1:59
7. Swan Silvertones – Move Up 2:39
8. Goodie Rene – Side Track 2:43

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