Barbara Pittman was just 18 years old when she made her first official
session for Sun Records, although she had previously made some demos in
which she demonstrated that, despite her youth, she had a hard and raspy
voice that suited perfect for rockabilly.
Although young Barbara grew up in Elvis’ neighbourhood before he began his
recording career, and both families were friends, she wasn’t another ‘female
answer to Elvis’. Barbara had her own raw and bluesy style, built on chasing
boys around Beale Street in Memphis since her earliest childhood.

Two versions of one of her best songs at Sun have been included in this EP,
which was never released in its day. SENTIMENTAL FOOL was originally
recorded in their first official session in April ’56, but the take included
here, the rockabilly version, was probably recorded in a previous session
and shows a much harsher guitar feelin’. The second version is a demo, in a
style much closer to Elvis ‘54 Sun recordings.

Side B opens with EVERLASTING LOVE, a song that appeared on her third single
for Sun, in 1958, being the only song included here that was originally
released. The EP is completed with a song that his good friend Elvis also
performed for Sun, the western ballad I’LL NEVER YOU GO, originally recorded
by Jimmy Wakely. Barbara recorded it as demo, backed just by two guitars.
Artist: Ersel Hickey

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