Cowboy Barnes and His Drinking Buddies – It’s Your Round – No Hit LP

Whoo hoo, rockabilly and booze, go together like, well rockabilly and booze so join Cowboy Barnes, Boz Boorer, Matt Radford, Brian Nevill and a host of other top not musicians in this storming selection of salutes to the sauce. ch

1 Shortnin’ Beer
2 Running Drunk
3 Whisky Made Me Drunk
4 Bubble Trouble
5 Bar Potion #9
6 I Think I Drink Therefore I Am

1 Suds
2 Keep On Drinking
3 It’s Your Round
4 Rubber Legs
5 Drunk
6 What A Way To Die

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Format: Vinyl Album

All music: Modern Rockin' bands

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