Side 1
01 The Hot Pearl Snatch
02 People Ain’t No Good
03 What’s Inside A Girl
04 Cornfed Dames
05 Sunglasses After Dark
Side 2
01 Heartbreak Hotel
02 Chicken
03 Do The Clam
04 Aloha From Hell
05 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
06 Birdfeed

On August 30, 1986, The Cramps played the final night of their ‘Date With Elvis’ World Tour. The venue was The Galaxy in Auckland, New Zealand. Sleazing it up live, the band rated this their best gig of the whole tour (and it had been a great tour!). After the gig, the sound engineer gave the band a tape he had run off during the concert. Back at their hotel, The Cramps were amazed to discover that the recording was, unusually for these things, of almost studio quality. For a band that had been heavily bootlegged at live gigs, it gave The Cramps the chance to challenge the shoddy sound of the pirate recordings by putting out a top quality official bootleg album of their own. A deal was sorted out with Big Beat’s Roger Armstrong and a one drop pressing arranged. There were no promos and the album was never advertised but the pressing of 40,000 copies sold out immediately. The original vinyl album came out on Vengeance, which, in the early days, had been The Cramps label for their first 2 singles. This version of The Cramps (with Lux Interior, Ivy Rorschach, Candy del Mar and Nick Knox) was one of the best and “Rockinnreelininaucklandnewzealandxxx” once again, offers the opportunity to catch one of rock music’s greatest bands in scorching form.

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