CD with 40-page booklet.
• Hank and Eddie aka The Cochran Brothers with their complete duo and solo vocal performances and additionally as studio musicians.
• All the recordings feature both Hank and Eddie in the roll of vocalist and/or musician.
• 30 tracks from a one-year period beginning April 1955 when the Cochran Brothers diverted from hillbilly towards rockabilly music.
1 –The Cochran Brothers Mr. Fiddle
2 –The Cochran Brothers Two Blue Singin’ Stars
3 –The Cochran Brothers Your Tomorrow’s Never Come
4 –The Cochran Brothers Guilty Conscience
5 –The Cochran Brothers Rockin’ And Flyin’ (version 1)
6 –The Cochran Brothers Closer, Closer, Closer
7 –Hank Cochran A Healer Like Time
8 –Jerry Capehart My Honest Name
9 –Jerry Capehart Walkin’ Stick Boogie
10 –Jerry Capehart Rollin’
11 –Don Deal Cryin’ In One Eye
12 –Don Deal Broken-Hearted Fellow
13 –Eddie Cochran Pink-Peg Slacks
14 –Hank Cochran Latch On (version 1)
15 –Jerry Capehart Heart Of A Fool
16 –Eddie Cochran Yesterday’s Heartbreak
17 –The Cochran Brothers Latch On (version 2)
18 –Eddie Cochran My Love To Remember (version 1)
19 –Carol Palmer He’s Graduating
20 –The Cochran Brothers Tired And Sleepy
21 –The Cochran Brothers Fool’s Paradise
22 –The Cochran Brothers Slow Down
23 –The Cochran Brothers Open The Door
24 –Hank Cochran I’m ready
25 –Al Dexter Pistol Packin’ Mama
26 –Al Dexter I Won’t Be Number Two
27 –Jess Willard (2) Don’t Hold Her So Close
28 –Jess Willard (2) Every Dog Has His Day
29 –Riley Crabtree Meet Me At Joes
30 –Riley Crabtree Don’t Turn Away From Me

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