A brand new series  that bringing us exhilarating dance floor tested sounds from the years 1950 to 1963.  As always KOKO MOJO fulfils on the promise of ALL KILLER, NO FILLER.

1          Jimmy Breedlove–      Whole Lot-Ta Shakin’ Goin’ On

2          Stomp Gordon–          Damp Rag

3          Bill Harvey’s Orchestra–         Walk Right In

4          The Wanderers –         Heh Mae Ethel

5          Big Maybelle– Rock House

6          Johnson Bros.– Happy Rock’n’Roll

7          Billy Bland–    Grandmaw Gave A Party

8          Chris Kenner– Don’t Make No Noise

9          Brother Woodman–    Lovin’ Man

10        Willie Egans And Orchestra– Wow Wom

11        The Spiders –   I Didn’t want to Do It

12        Jackie Wilson–            Why Can’t You Be Mine

13        Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers–     Frankie Lee

14        Michael Clark–            None Of This Girls

15        Bobby Day–    The Bluebird, The Buzzard And The Oriole

16        Ernie Freeman–           Rockin’ Red Wing

17        Mabel Lee–     He’s My Guy

18        Chuck Berry–  Let It Rock

19        The Keynotes –           I Don’t Now

20        Charlie White –           Honeybun

21        Little Ester–    Cupid’s Boogie

22        Edgar “Big Boy” Myles–        That Girl I Married

23        Billy Robbins–            Bring Her Back To Me

24        The Castaleers–           My Hi-Fi Baby

25        The Wonders– Bop-bop-Baby

26        Frank Brunson–          How Ya Gonna Live

27        Herbert Cox–  Leave My Woman Alone

28        Chuck Higgins–          The Duck walk

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