Following on from the quickly sold out White Gospel Bangers 1 and 2 Idle Cherub bring us a staggering recording made during a service at The Church of Lord Jesus with Signs Following in Jolo West Virginia.

In 1987  after two years work  cultural anthropologist Anthony Feyer gained the trust of the church to the point that he was allowed to film one of their services.  This church is known as a snake handler church as the congregation do exactly that as well as swallowing poison and drinking battery acid.  The film has unfortunately not found a home but the music from the service has with Idle Cherub records.

This music really is not like anything you have heard before.  It sounds like Rockabilly but supercharged with a faith that makes it unique.  I will not go on, click the link below and either it is for you or it is not.  For me this is Rock n Roll.

This is a limited edition with the best possible sound taken from the original film and has a beautiful lavish eyepopping gatefold sleeve.  Every part of this record lets you know this is a project done for love not money.

This is already going fast.

1                      Homecoming

2                      They Call Us Holy Rollers

3                      On The Banks Of The River

4                      I Saw The Holy Ghost Light

5                      Covered By The Blood Of The Lamb

6                      Jesus On My Mind

7                      People Say We”re Crazy


1                      Never Met A Man Like Jesus

2                      Drifting Through The Wind

3                      Praise God

4                      I’ve Seen Love Like I’ve Never Seen Before

5                      Jesus Met A Woman

6                      Jolo Stomp

7                      Can’t Get Up All By Myself


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