Jerry Byrd’s name may not be known to everyone, even though he played on Hank Williams’ version of Lovesick Blues. This album cherry-picks the songs he recorded as a named artist, and performed on as a musician, and we aim to make his contribution to the music world more common knowledge. Atomicat Records (ACCD 146) present a value for money thirty-two song album Byrd’s The Word (with a supporting cast), which is a tribute to Jerry Byrd as a performer and studio musician.The album is embellished with sleeve notes, has a detailed session information, and is lovingly designed by artist Urban Zotel.


01 Red Foley Rockin’ Chair Money (Carlisle, Glosson) Decca 1947

02 Jerry Byrd vocal Rex Allen Steelin’ The Blues (Byrd, Innis) Mercury 1949

03 Curtis Gordon If You Tell Me One More Lie (Pugh, Hendricks) RCA Victor 1953 04 Jerry Byrd Texas Playboy Rag (Wills) Mercury 1954

05 Hank Williams I’m A Long Gone Daddy (Williams) MGM 1948

06 Jerry Byrd Byrd’s Expedition (Burns) Pacific LP 1954

07 Red Kirk Teardrops From My Eyes (Toombs) Mercury 1950

08 Jerry Byrd This ‘n’ That (Byrd) Mercury 1952

09 Jimmy Work Surrounded By Water And Bars (Work) Decca 1950

10 Jerry Byrd Steel Guitar Rag (McAuliffe) Mercury 1950

11 Grandpa Jones Old Rattler’s Son (Jones) RCA Victor 1952

12 Jerry Byrd Limehouse Blues (Furber, Braham) Mercury 1952

13 Hawkshaw Hawkins Darkness On The Face Of The Earth (Nelson) TV Broadcast 1957

14 Jerry Byrd Kohalo March (Arr. Byrd) Mercury 1952

15 Hawkshaw Hawkins Silver Threads And Golden Needles (Rhodes, Reynolds) TV Broadcast 1957

16 Jerry Byrd Georgia Steel Guitar (Harris) Mercury 1954

17 Ernest Tubb Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin (Irby) Decca 1950

18 Jerry Byrd Wang Wang Blues (Mueller, Wood, Johnson, Bussee) Mercury 1954 19 Hank Williams Rootie Tootie (Rose) MGM 1947

20 Jerry Byrd Byrd’s Boogie (Byrd, Innis) Mercury 1949

21 Curtis Gordon You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Toombs, McAlpin) RCA Victor 1952 22 Jerry Byrd Turner’s Turnpike (Lindsay) Mercury 1954

23 Grandpa Jones That Memphis Train (Delmore, Jones) King 1951

24 Hawkshaw Hawkins Bad News Travels Fast (In Our Town) (Bare) TV Broadcast 1957

25 Marty Robbins The Bend On The River (Robbins) Columbia LP 1962

26 Ann Jones Too Old To Cut The Mustard (Carlisle) Audio Lab LP 1959

27 Marty Robbins Ruby Ann (Bellamy) Columbia 1962

28 Billy Walker Let’s Think About Living (Bryant) Columbia LP 1962

29 Hawkshaw Hawkins I’ve Got It Again (M & R Burk) RCA Victor 1958

30 Porter Wagoner I’m Gonna Sing (Williams) RCA Victor 1959

31 Marty Robbins Sometimes I’m Tempted (Robbins) Columbia 1961

32 Mark Dinning Bye Now Baby (Bryant) MGM 1959

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