The 3rd volume in a series of three 10 ”-ers! Vinyl only! Limited!
Each 10 ”comes with a signed and numbered 24 x 24 cm screen print of the front cover. Artwork by Marcel Bontempi!

In the late 50s and early 60s, many glances were directed towards the sky. One was expecting an invasion of foreigners, not knowing whether they would be little green men from Mars or out of control robots. In the USA, films became box office hits, the USSR launched the first Sputnik satellite into orbit in 1957 and it wasn’t long before a soundtrack to the phenomenon developed. Attilio Mineo recorded a bizarre album on the subject with Man In Space And Sounds, Joe Meek’s telstar hit found plenty of imitators, in France Jean-Jacques Perrey worked on extraterrestrial sound possibilities and Sun Ra And His Arkestra played music on another planet anyway .

But country and rockabilly artists / bands also had their own ideas for the invasion and wrote songs on the subject. Which was also obvious, because the spaceships would most certainly dock somewhere in the hinterland first, gut the cows and knock on the door of a lonely farm at night. The radiation gun at the ready …
50 years after these songs were recorded in a fit of futuristic creativity, we’re still wondering if there is water on Mars, how many rings Saturn has, and what really happened in Roswell back then ?! “Aliens stole my dog” is the headline of the National Enquirer. Of course they were.
Dave Henderson, MOJO magazine, 2017

Side One:
01 – T Minus Ten;
02 – Rose DuBats – Signals From Saturn;
03 – Dave Diddle Day – Blue Moon Baby;
04 – Jean-Jacques Perrey – In First Orbit;
05 – Les Baxter – The Other Side Of The Moon;
06 – Russ Garcia – Monsters Of Jupiter; 0
7 – Gale Storm – Dark Moon;
08 – Minus Point Zero Eight
Side Two:
01 – The Girl From Mars;
02 – Butch Paulson – Man From Mars;
03 – Gene Vincent – Spaceship To Mars;
04 – Frosty & The Diamonds – Destination Mars;
05 – Sun Ra Arkestra – The Next Stop Mars (abridged);
06 – Space-Men – Martian Chant;
07 – Marty – Marty On The Planet Mars

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Format: Vinyl Album

All music: Dumb, Weird, Spooky Hillbilly & Country Rockabilly / Rock N Roll

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