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With Rockinitis Stag O Lee champion electric-guitar blues from the fifties and early-sixties. Unfettered pleasure in the form of Black dance music. This fourth installment of the series may be the hottest yet.

Barcelona’s Fonsoul has been neck deep in records his whole life. After kicking around in indie bands during the ‘90s, he started DJing and turned his focus towards collecting African American music forms in their original 7” format. Check out his incredible YouTube channel to hear the results of this obsession. Fonsoul has also contributed superb mixes to Jester Wild, Jukebox Jam, Buzzsaw Joint, Cool Cat, and A Wamba Buluba. He’s been running the Double Cookin’ club for over a decade and is a regular guest at clubs and weekenders throughout Europe.

Mace was born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent. From the Mod revival scene he got into ‘60s Soul and R&B. He’s been relieving Northern Soul record dealers of gritty and bluesy 45s for years. His passion for finding obscure ‘50s blues and ‘60s R&B drew him to record fairs in the USA. Now he makes a living trading vinyl. Enthusiasts worldwide know as a reliable source of quality wax. A DJ since his late teens, Mace has put on many events, including The Federal R&B Club in Crewe. He’s also a resident DJ at Sheffield’s legendary Pow Wow.


Side: Fonsoul

  1. Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra – No More Love
  2. Big Tiny Kennedy And His Orchestra – Strange Kind Of Feeling
  3. Little Arthur Mathews – I’m Gonna Whale On You
  4. Solomon Burke – Why Do Me That Way
  5. Robert T. Smith With Toby Pride’s Orch. – Workin’ Again
  6. Jimmie Raney & Slim Slaughter – You Drink Too Much Booze
  7. Henry Moore With Willard Burton And Orchestra – Pretty Baby
  8. Mel Alexander And Movin Master’s Band – What A Friend


Side: Mace

  1. Paul Gayten ?– Yes You Do Yes You Do
  2. Little David – It Hurts Baby
  3. Blues Slim – Drivin Me Baby
  4. Little Ray – The World Can’t Do Me No Harm
  5. Mojo Watson – You Know You Don’t Want Me
  6. Sam Baker – Crazy About You Baby
  7. Charles Sheffield – Shoo, Shoo Chicken
  8. Freddy King – That’s What You Think
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