The barnstormer Bop-a-Lena of course opens this superb ten inch album from the Tin Town Tornado as no one ever called Ronnie.  He was certainly a wild man as heard on the first track the even wilder Your So Right For Me. But he had a great presence and emotion as well as heard on tracks like his first, Three Hearts Later and the later Petrified.   I have to mention the packaging on this one.  We all know the cover photo showing Ronnie on stage but this image is so clear and clean on here it is like seeing it for the first time. The back has a nice set of shots too, including the famous Ronnie in a box in the recording studio as that was the only way the producers could stop him jumping around.  Great music, great packaging, this limited press will not hang around for long.

Side A

1- Bop-a-lena

2- You’re so right for me

3- Big fool

4- Big blond baby

5- Too many lovers

6- Do it now

Side B

1- Pretty bad blues

2- Petrified

3- Black night blues

4- Three hearts later

5- Flame of love

6- Rocky road blues

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