She’s The Woman is a fantastic slab of prime ROCKABILLY recorded at the famed Nor-Va-Jac studios The song is taken at classic mid  shuffle bop pace and features thumping slap bass and a stinging  guitar wrangler who take two nice long breaks.   The vocals ride along on top of this foundation to make, as the liners notes put it, “a pretty perfect slice of rockabilly”.   It is amazing that this remained in the can until 2023 when it crept out on a tough to find CD. But a world shaker like this cannot remain hidden and the boys at Wax Trash got in touch with Nor-Va-Jac to arrange a release on 45 with the sort of care that the track deserves.  You get not only absolutely tip top sound production but also a full  colour sleeve.

So what about the flip?  Well you get a completely unissued rockabilly instrumental track that bops along with bass laying a solid structure for two cool guitars to trade licks.  It was recorded at another legendary recording studio, this time the JD Miller Goldband studio just across the border in Louisiana.  Sorry but that is all the info that exists.  The track was at the end of a tape and there were no notes at all.  It may be a band that hired the studio, it maybe the house band but really it does not matter who it is as it is the sound that counts.

This limited press release will sell out quick so so not hesitate.

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