The Koko Mojo Records Spotlight is shone onto Sam Cooke (he added the “e” to his last name in 1957 to signify a new start to his life) and looks at his involvement within the music world. The album does not rely upon his hit recordings, these are available on numerous albums, and in typical Koko Mojo style, and we sample the best of the rest.

01 Soul Stirrers – Jesus Gave Me Water
02 Soul Stirrers – Touch The Hem Of His Garment
03 Sam Cooke – Love You Most Of All
04 Sam Cooke – Win Your Love For Me
05 Sam Cooke – Running Wild
06 Sam Cooke – Long, Long Ago
07 Sam Cooke – Happy In Love
08 Sam Cooke – Comes Love
09 Sam Cooke – I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues
10 Sam Cooke – Mary, Mary Lou
11 Sam Cooke – No One (Can Ever Take Your Place)
12 Soul Stirrers – Wade In The Water
13 Sam Cooke – If I Had You
14 Sam Cooke – Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
15 Sam Cooke – Just For You
16 Soul Stirrers – Jesus Be A Fence Around Me
17 Soul Stirrers – He’s Been A Shelter For Me
18 The Falcons – Pow! You’re In Love
19 Sam Cooke – Having A Party
20 Sam Cooke – Movin’ And Groovin’
21 Sam Cooke – The Twist
22 Sam Cooke – That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’
23 Sam Cooke – A Whole Lotta Woman
24 The Simms – Twins The Smile
25 Johnnie Taylor – Rome (Wasn’t Built In A Day)
26 Sam Cooke – Ain’t That Good News
27 Sam Cooke – Little Red Rooster
28 Sam Cooke – Shake, Rattle And Roll

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