Doré just a-Dores those sweet soul groups: here are four of the finest. Our top act, the Superbs, sing ‘The Big Hurt’, on which Eleanor Green’s plaintive vocal is harmonised by the other founding members of this notable crew – Bobby Swayne, Walter White and Ronnie Cook. One year later Art Sibrie, the group’s manager, rewrote the lyrics to their ‘I Was Born When You Kissed Me’ and recorded it on his all-girl outfit the Vel-Vetts as ‘You Really Never Know Till It’s Over’. Those three gorgeous girls, Imogene Brown, Roslyn Williams and Donna Slater, gave an equally-inspired performance on the glorious tune. Little Johnny Hamilton & the Creators are one of LA’s top live outfits – entertainers all. They get the party really started with the storming ‘Oh How I Love You’ – a record destined to be revered by dancers through the ages. The multi-talented Bobby Swayne reappears in the Natural Resources, a group he formed in 1969 after his time with the Superbs and the Entertainers IV. Their ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ was penned by our label head Lew Bedell, who was such a great talent scout he even signed the teenage Phil Spector way back in ‘58. On Lew’s watch, Doré made sublime soul music.

Side 1

1 The Big Hurt – The Superbs

2 You Really Never Know Till It’s Over – The Vel-Vetts

Side 2

1 Oh How I Love You – Little Johnny Hamilton & The Creators

2 Nothing Lasts Forever – The Natural Resources


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