1-LP vinyl (10inch) with 8-page booklet, bonus CD, postcard. 10 tracks (LP), 22 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), approx. 70 min. (CD).

It is one of the fundamental principles of Bear Family Records® to give room to artists who would otherwise remain undiscovered in the jungle of reissues.

We present on LP plus bonus CD the complete works of pianist and jump blues shouter Stomp Gordon, whose stage show eclipsed even the piano attacks of Jerry Lee Lewis, the ‘Killer’!

On LP and CD combined, we deliver those 17 recordings Stomp Gordon made between 1952 and 1956 for Decca, Mercury, Chess and Savoy – there’s no more material out there!

In addition to the 17 recordings by Stomp Gordon, there are 5 more bonus tracks by other performers, covering, among other things, the U.S. television series ‘Dragnet’ and Dr. Kinsey and his ‘Kinsey Report’.

For the first time ever, a complete vinyl LP is dedicated to Stomp Gordon!

The liner notes were written by R&B and blues expert Bill Dahl from Chicago.

The 10″ LP includes a booklet, a CD and a postcard.

In four short years, piano-pounding jump blues shouter Stomp Gordon made enough of an impression on record buyers and a Bear Family Records® LP completely dedicated to him was long overdue. Stomp earned his nickname: he pounded the 88s with his bare feet onstage.

The Columbus, Ohio native’s performing attire was as wild as anyone’s this side of Cab Calloway, and his houserocking music reflected that flamboyance. Recording for Decca, Mercury, Chess, and Savoy between 1952 and ’56, Stomp roared his way through Damp Rag, Oooh Yes!, Hide The Bottle, The Grind, and Ride Superman, Ride  with an intensity that presaged rock and roll, often aided by his faithful tenor saxman Little Hiawatha Edmondson.

Stomp should have been a primordial rock and roll star, but his career was cut way short when he was found dead in his parked car on a Harlem thoroughfare, aged only 31. But the man with the magical tootsies packed some serious rocking into a tragically truncated timeframe—and all his great sides are on full display here.


Side 1

01        Dragnet           Stomp Gordon

02        Damp Rag       Stomp Gordon

03        Don’t Do Me That Way          Stomp Gordon

04        The Grind        Stomp Gordon

05        Fat Mama Blues          Stomp Gordon


Side 2

01        Oooh Yes!       Stomp Gordon

02        Ride Superman, Ride  Stomp Gordon

03        Hide The Bottle          Stomp Gordon

04        What’s Her Wimsey Dr. Kinsey          Stomp Gordon

05        Devil’s Daughter         Stomp Gordon



01        Dragnet           Stomp Gordon

02        Dragnet           Ray Anthony & His Orchestra

03        Dragnet Blues Johnnie Moore’s Three Blazers feat. Frank Ervin

04        Dragnet           Jesse Allen

05        Damp Rag       Stomp Gordon

06        Don’t Do Me That Way          Stomp Gordon

07        The Grind        Stomp Gordon

08        Fat Mama Blues          Stomp Gordon

09        Oooh Yes!       Stomp Gordon

10        Ride Superman, Ride  Stomp Gordon

11        Hide The Bottle          Stomp Gordon

12        What’s Her Wimsey Dr. Kinsey          Stomp Gordon

13        Hey Dr. Kinsey           Big Duke & His Orchestra

14        Devil’s Daughter         Stomp Gordon

15        Sloppy Daddy Blues   Stomp Gordon

16        Please Don’t Pass Me By        Stomp Gordon

17        My Mother’s Eyes       Stomp Gordon

18        Juicy Lucy       Stomp Gordon

19        Oh Tell Me Why         Stomp Gordon

20        Walk Around The Corner       Stomp Gordon

21        Pennies From Heaven The Mills Brothers

22        Pennies From Heaven Stomp Gordon

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