With the fantastic Five Royales in our ‘Rocks’ CD series, we are introducing another significant element in the transformation of Afro-American music from gospel to R&B to soul.
Bear Family describes the path of the vocal quintet from a pure gospel group to one of the most successful rhythm ‘n’ blues formation.
From the beginnings with Apollo Records to the outstanding recordings for King – we deliver the best powerful songs from the quintet.
The energetic playing style of the guitarist Lowman Pauling, Jr. influenced later colleagues like Steve Cropper , who played a key role in shaping the Stax sound in the 60s.
Competent and carefully researched liner notes by the Chicago expert on black music, Bill Dahl , in a richly illustrated booklet – 6-page digipak.

1 I Like It Like That
2 The Real Thing
3 Monkey Hips And Rice
4 I Hurts Inside
5 Baby, Don’t Do It
6 I Ain’t Getting Caught
7 Tell The Truth
8 Not Going To Cry
9 Do The Cha Cha Cherry
10 Laundromat Blues
11 (Something Moves Me) Within My Heart
12 Right Around The Corner
13 Catch That Teardrop
14 Think
15 I Need Your Lovin’ Baby
16 Baby, Take All Of Me
17 You Know I Know
18 What’s That
19 Mohawk Squaw
20 Messin’ Up
21 I Could Love You
22 Too Much Lovin’
23 I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair
24 All Righty
25 The Slummer The Slum
26 I Want It Like That
27 Goof Ball
28 I Do
29 Don’t Give No More That You Can Take
30 Mine Forevermore
31 I’m Gonna Run It Down

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