SIDE ONE: Lotta Lovin’, Yes It’s Me (I’m In Love Again)
SIDE TWO: Tragedy Train, Sticks & Stones
Sioux City, Iowa –
Back in May of 1958. Four guys formed a band called The Screamers after they played a senior assembly in high school.
The original group remained together as The Screamers, The Flairs and finally The Velaires.
Jerry DeMers – bass and Danny – Rhythm guitar, did most of the singing on their recordings as well as Bob Dawdy – lead guitar and Don Bourret- drums.
They were lucky to have some money and to be able to record by themselves as The Screamers at Kay Bank studio in Minneapolis in 1959. The titles were ‘Dig’ and ‘What Did I Do Wrong?’ This got some local and regional air play and helped promote bookings for the band.
The group signed a recording contract with the Philadelphia based Jamie Records. They were a popular touring act called The Flairs, playing sock hops, nightclubs and ballrooms across the Midwest.
“As soon as we signed with Jamie, they told us we had to change our name since there was already a group called The Flairs. Since we had just played the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, it was my idea to call ourselves The Velaires.” quoted Bourret. With a hit record under their belt, The Velaires soon snagged a guest appearance on Dick Clark’s ‘American Bandstand’ becoming the only Iowa band to appear on the legendary show on August 15 1961.
They zoomed onto Billboard Magazine’s top 100 recording charts with an electrifying cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Roll Over Beethoven’.
The guys jumped to Ramsey Studio in Phoenix, Arizona and recorded thirteen tracks. Only two 45s were released from that session – the rest remained unissued.
Donald Bourret is the last surviving member of the band which toured nationwide and has been inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.
We are proud to present four unissued tracks for the first time on vinyl 45.
So what are you waiting for? Wheel out this platter, spindle it, needle it and DIG THE VELAIRES!
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